Creative Proteomics Releases Quantitative Proteomics Platform Based on SILAC Technology

New York, USA – July 21, 2021 – Creative Proteomics has more than 10 years of experience, providing advanced proteomics services to customers in many countries and regions. Creative Proteomics has a quantitative proteomics research platform based on SILAC technology, which provides an effective solution for comprehensive and systematic qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex mammalian cell proteomics.

Stable-isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture (SILAC) technology is suitable for in vivo labeling of cells and animals. The technology has the characteristics of small systematic errors, accurate quantification, and can further search for differential proteins with time-dependent changes.

“With the advantages of in vivo labeling, SILAC labeling better retains the various biological characteristics of the protein, and the labeling effect is not biased. Therefore, this technology is widely used in all aspects of proteomics research, such as protein modification, protein-protein interaction, protein-DNA/RNA interaction, and so on,” stated Creative Proteomics’s product manager.

Mutations in mitochondrial ribosomal proteins (MRPs), rRNAs, and assembly factors are responsible for a growing number of severe human disorders. In addition, mitochondria and their accessory proteins are increasingly recognized as cancer biomarkers and targets for cancer treatment. Therefore, it is important to understand how mitochondrial ribosomes are assembled. Protein quantification by SILAC combined with high-resolution mass spectrometry has become an important tool for quantitative proteomics research.

In a collaboration with a research group in the Department of Molecular Biology, Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Creative Proteomics provides SILAC-based quantitative analysis technology to help analyze the relationship between mitochondrial matrix protein Mam33 and Saccharomyces cerevisiae mitoribosome biogenesis. Extract proteins labeled with light and heavy isotopes from cultured cells and analyze proteins by Nano-LC-MS/MS. Nano LC was performed using an Ultimate 3000 nano UHPLC (Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA) with a 100 µm × 10 cm in-house made nanocolumn packed with a reversed-phase ReproSil-Pur C18-AQ resin (3 µm, 120 Å, Dr. Maisch GmbH, Germany). Mass spectrometry was performed using a Q Exactive HF mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA).

“We aim to provide a versatile and reliable platform for proteomics analysis. With a standardized platform and strict quality control, we aim to provide customers with high-quality and accurate data results,” Stated Creative Proteomics’ executive VP.

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