The Road Trip Renaissance in a Post-Pandemic World – 60 Million People Plan To Go RVing This Summer

Planny Drive is expecting more than 60 Million people to be planning on going RVing this summer. The great American road trip has emerged as a popular way to travel in a Post-Pandemic reality.

The reality of COVID-19 is here since last March, and nearly everything has changed – affecting the way people travel, live, and how they work. According to industry experts, recreational vehicle (RV) sales and tourism have set record sales over the last year, and trends indicate the business will continue sales in 2021 and beyond.

More and more Americans are ready to travel on RV this summer, and more than 60 million of them are planning to go RVing in an RV they rent, own, or borrow. “Traveling in an RV is a COVID-19 free bubble,” said Jacov Mazor, the founder of Planny Drive. “People don’t currently feel safe flying, opting instead for the safety of road travel where families do not need to quarantine during or after your trip.” Safety is still top of mind for the large majority of Americans. RV experts say that over 90% of Americans consider it important to travel safe, avoid quarantining, and stay away from crowds during their summer vacation.

A survey taken by Planny Drive shows that people intend to travel by RV anywhere between 7-12 days. National parks are the most popular travel destination, followed by state parks, lakes, and beaches.

Planny Drive’s consider the most intuitive planner on the planet, and during COVID-19, it became the most growing planner platform. It helps travelers fulfill their dream road trip by exploring other travelers’ trips, planning a trip, customizing it, and navigating on the go. It suggests points of interest to explore along the route, such as RV Parks, activities for kids and adults, restaurants, and more. 

“We are proud to be one of the most growing road trip planners in the market during COVID-19, fulfilling our user’s dreams with amazing road trips across the USA,” said Jacov Mazor, the founder of Planny Drive.

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