FAN CHING HSAING is the ambassador of the 16th Milan Video Art Festival. His public service work Love is exhibited for the first time in MA-EC Italy.

01 The 16th Milan Video Art Festival and Public Welfare Ambassador

The 16th Milan Video Art Festival is about to begin. This year’s exhibition, themed with “MONOLOGUE LONELINESS IN THE BUSTLING CITY, will be officially exhibited in the main hall of the MA-EC Milan International Art Centre, Italy. Fan Ching Hsaing Warner Philanthropy Musician, Artist, and Initiator, is invited as the Public Welfare Ambassador of the 16th Art Festival and participates in the official exhibition of Fan Ching Hsaing‘s charity works Hope and Love, as well as the official launch of the global art public welfare publicity in Shanghai.

This time, the first charity project in the Greater China Region initiated by Fan Ching Hsaing to care for ME/CFS chronic fatigue syndrome, ME/CFS City Slow Life, will also join this year’s Milan Video Art Festival. It aims to promote global awareness and prevention of ME/CFS through art, humanities, and public welfare work of ME/CFS chronic fatigue syndrome and to practice the artist’s mission. The festival’s social responsibility is supported and echoed by ME/CFS global charity ambassadors

Kang-sheng Lee, Chen Ming Zhen, Charmaine Sheh, Zhou Hai Mei, Shanghai Lujiazui Community Public Welfare Foundation, World Public Welfare Organization MillionsMissing, and Phoenixrising.

02 Fan Ching Hsaing’s public welfare video Love and Hope

In an interview, Zhang Yulian and Fan Tinghong, representatives of FANHE, said: “As a public welfare musician and artist, Fan Ching Hsaing, representing the Greater China region, created the general welfare work Love and officially exhibited the general welfare work Hope for the 16th Milan Video Art Festival. Recently, he was invited to make video works to interpret and pay tribute to the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Shanghai Oil Can Art Centre, Shanghai Yicang Art Museum, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, and Renaissance Art Centre. Through these works, we hope to transmit the energy of love around the world and to usher in the hope of a better life.

Fan Ching Hsaing directed, wrote, photographed, and acted in his public welfare work Hope. In work, he plays the role of a person with ME/CFS chronic fatigue syndrome, interpreting the monologue of the patient in his room at the anti-pandemic isolation hotel. Through the video, he conveys the hope of light, the energy of the night, the waiting phone call, the confusion of courage, and other elements, interpreting the hopes of ME/CFS patients for life, the future, and the world.

Although the “ME/CFS chronic fatigue syndrome” that Fan Ching Hsaing sees bring physical limitations, physical and mental imbalance, and resistance to life, the ME/CFS patients transform the challenges of life into positive attitudes, love, and dedication, and help society, achieve and transmit the positive energy of life, which is the spirit and meaning of Fan Ching Hsaing’s charity work “Hope”.

03 Culture and philosophy of the 16th Milan Video Art Festival

MA-EC Milan International Art Centre indicates that contemporary urbanites enjoy the ecological functions and conveniences of the city while at the same time, carries the ‘challenges and loneliness’ imposed by the fast-paced life. How to strike a balance between mind, body, life, and environment in modern society, and how to create “quality of life and quality of lives” is a project that every urbanite is learning. This time, Fan Ching Hsaing, a public welfare musician, and songwriter, was appointed as the Public Welfare Ambassador of the 16th Milan Video Art Festival and worked with the ME/CFS Urban Slow Life Public Welfare Project. We hope that “art for the public welfare” will build a healthy ecology globally, which is also our common original goal.

The MA-EC Milan International Art Centre, the main venue for the 16th Milan Video Art Festival, was established in 2005. To date, it has released many exhibitions. It works with Italian government agencies, public welfare foundations, world art units, and artists, including Milan Design Week, Milan Triennale, Venice Biennale, and other art projects. It has made important social contributions to global art, Chinese culture, and public welfare construction. This is also why Fan Ching Hsaing joined the 16th Milan Video Art Festival on behalf of Chinese culture, art, and public welfare.

04 Fan Ching Hsaing’s “ten-year love affair” with Italy

It is worth mentioning that as an ambassador for the 16th Milan Video Art Festival, Fan Ching Hsaing will be exhibiting his LOVE MUSIC Beside You and Flying Together, produced by music producer Yang Junyao and released by Warner Music, to practice healing art for public welfare and advocate for ‘more true love in the city, no loneliness’. The exhibition will also invite friends of public welfare and artists from around the world to exhibit their works in the form of video and digital works to discuss the “symbols of symbiosis in modern society”, thus exploring the life mission of artists and contributing to the value of art for public welfare.

In an interview with the media, Fan Ching Hsaing shared his “ten-year love affair” with Italy. He thanked his mentor Mr. Lan Guo Chuan for introducing him to MAXMARA GROUP in Italy and spent ten years learning and being responsible for visual display, merchandising, marketing public relations, training and education, brand operation, and other professional skills in fashion and retail. Therefore come to his own experiences and works in fashion culture, fashion field, and life aesthetics.

His impression of Italian culture is “elegance, knowledge, wisdom, calmness, connotation, love, classics and heritage”, just like the cultural spirit of his mother and life mentor, Mr. Lan Guo C huan, and the feelings brought to him by MA-EC Milano International Art Centre. As a public welfare artist and the initiator of the ME/CFS urban slow life public welfare project, he feels that the Italian humanistic culture and spirit are elements needed in the modern, fast-paced society and that it is a healthy culture that is beneficial to the ecology.

05 Fan Ching Hsaing’s initial thoughts on the creation of his public welfare video

Fan Ching Hsaing, ambassador of the 16th Milan Video Art Festival, has a “public welfare spirit” behind his creation and shooting of “Fan Ching Hsaing’s public welfare video works” that he has been practicing so far. His love for photography was inspired by his family and school days. In recent years, he has been involved in public welfare and hopes to convey positive energy through his photography, promote the art of healing and practice public welfare, and was encouraged by various parties to start creating “Fan Ching Hsaing’s Public Welfare Videos”.

When he was young, he was partially sighted due to a firecracker accident. He grew up with 1,500 degrees of myopia due to the overuse of his eyes. He hopes to capture more beautiful images from his perspective while his eyesight is still in a good positionand to use his images to care for the hearts of the people of contemporary society, to help the underprivileged, and to practice public welfare.

He also encourages modern people to share their own unique life stories through video creation, to transmit more positive energy to society, and to pass on the spirit of art, the essence of public welfare and good culture through video transmission and building a better “world and vision”.

06 Information about this year’s exhibition and its public welfare mission

MONOLOGUE. LONELINESS IN THE BUSTLING CITY”, the 16th Milan Video Art Festival, will be officially launched at MA-EC Milan International Art Centre from 2nd to 16th October, together with the festival’s public welfare ambassador, Fan Ching Hsaing, to official voice love to the Italian public, global urbanites, and art institutions. It is committed to global artistic development, public health ecology, and care for contemporary cities.

07 About Fan Ching Hsaing

Fan Ching Hsaing is a public service musician, producer, and artist.

His representative works and achievements: initiator of ME/CFS Urban Slow Life Public Welfare Project – Caring for ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the first representative of World Public Welfare Organization MillionsMissing, Phoenixrising in Greater China Region, Project manager of Public Welfare Channels MyCity, Have Fan Go with You. Fan Ching Hsaing’s music works LOVE MUSIC Beside You, Flying Together, and Happy Paradise are released by Warner Music and produced in collaboration with Mercedes Benz Culture Centre. They are committed to public welfare and humanistic concerns.

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