Onyx Hicks on Raising Her Voice to Fight for Equality and Representation

Onyx Hicks on Raising Her Voice to Fight for Equality and Representation

Activism and the Black Lives Movement have gained considerable momentum in recent times. More people stand up and use their platform to call for justice and equality amidst reports and cases of apartheid and racism across various states. On raising one’s voice, Onyx Hicks has a thing or two to share, calling for more people to stand up and speak out to see more social reform. 

Onyx is a motivational speaker, actress, author, activist, and advocate of equality for members of the African American community. Onyx plays her part in the fight against racial discrimination and profiling against minorities. She is the co-director of Our Black Party for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The organization aims to abolish all systemic and community-based racism, as well as call for more community compliance against the matter. She also currently serves as the vice president for the Portsmouth (Virginia) chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). 

Amidst growing opposition against the Black Lives Matter movement and all campaigns against racism in America, people like Onyx Hicks continue to speak up. The call against racial profiling has sparked anew in 2020, with several media reports of police brutality against African American citizens. The citizens have been called to raise arms for more accountability amongst the people in uniform and other leaders of the community. 

Despite overwhelming support, Onyx believes that more must be done, if true and lasting change were to happen in the nation. “The best way to move America forward is by opening dialogue and communication with those we disagree or are unfamiliar with,” shares Onyx. “We can’t become greater by existing within our own cons. We can only achieve greatness by being willing to do what’s uncomfortable, and many times that is engaging those that don’t speak, look, act or think like you. So, communication is essential.”

Onyx is also a celebrated author who has written one book entitled “Self Love Club: Party of One.” The book speaks of the importance of self-love and acceptance in this world plagued with burnout, depression, and other societal problems. The author believes that self-acceptance is key to battle the growing emotional pains that many people face today. She is also the creator of the OD and the Onyx Effect, two platforms that seek to empower other people to aim for self-development.

People who follow Onyx Hicks have applauded her for her authentic approach to life and influence. She doesn’t sugarcoat her message and can be very raw and honest when speaking to others. Yet, despite all that she has accomplished, she remains adamant in her quest to better herself, breaking the status quo in the process and inspiring other people to push beyond their limits. 

Onyx hopes that her platform will call for people to buy into a culture of love and acceptance for both the self and people around them. She also hopes to inspire other creators and influencers to follow suit. She believes in the power of raising one’s voice to continually seek out civil discourse and come up with better solutions for the community.

To learn more about Onyx Hicks and all her work in fighting racism and promoting love, check out her website and Instagram profile.

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