Mercurious Consulting Agency: Designing and Implementing Marketing and Technology Strategies Focused on Business Growth and Brand Authority

Mercurious Consulting Agency: Designing and Implementing Marketing and Technology Strategies Focused on Business Growth and Brand Authority

Mercurious Consulting Agency is a results-driven marketing agency that offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help your brand focus on the bottom line and solve the most complex issues of your organization to generate profitable business leads. Responsible for handling the public relations of serial entrepreneurs, business owners, celebrity artists, musicians, entertainers and many more. The consulting agency has a global footprint, impacting millions of people from more than 150+ countries every year and has over 100 network marketing companies and divisions within it.

Employing the tried-and-proven marketing techniques used in the most competitive economy as a crucial part of its marketing strategies, Mercurious consulting agency has helped several brands increase their digital presence and brand authority. The agency prides itself on scaling a business in record time by collaborating with major news channels and over 250 different media outlets to get brands in front of millions of potential customers almost instantly. 

With a step-by-step approach backed by research, the global brand focuses on creating technology systems that allow business owners the luxury of autonomy. “We used specialized in-house AI in cooperation with bleeding-edge marketing tactics & automations to ensure the scale of any business,” Nathan Jackson, founder and CEO of the company, shared. 

In addition, Mercurious also creates revenue streams for its clients by helping them leverage all proven systems and processes, tap into an exclusive network of resources, and gain access to new distribution channels through the agency’s vast network of relationships and top venture partners.  “We give your company the funds needed to reach its highest potential as fast as possible, so you gain business intelligence, increase efficiency and grow faster than anyone in the marketplace.”

At the helm of the global brand is Nathan Jackson, a multidisciplinary artist, investor and philanthropist whose burning desire to live a fully self-sufficient lifestyle combined with his determination to learn and grow motivated him to start his consulting agency. A performer and entertainer with a creative passion for dance and magic, Nathan knew that working a 9-to-5 job all day long would put a lid on his love for the performing arts, so he decided to look for a way to make passive income.

After lots of deliberation and careful planning, the Seattle Washington native briefly took a corporate position at the American income life insurance. At the insurance company, he learned about sales opportunities and gained the leadership skills necessary to put together and run a proficient team. A year later, with on-field experience in sales and management under his belt, Nathan switched gears and started making plans to begin his marketing agency. To solidify his goals, he took classes from Dan Lok, GrantCardone, and other industry-leading experts on becoming a better mentor and leader. 

After finishing all the training, Mercurious consulting agency was born, and the entrepreneur started working day and night to solidify clients for his company. Within the first week of business, he obtained Several clients willing to pay his rates as a high ticket service.

With customer satisfaction at the core of his brand, his inbox was soon flooded with people’s requests asking for his services.

Now that Mercurious is thriving, Nathan spends most days in the dance studio practicing what he loves while generating passive income. In the coming years, Nathan wants to continue living and teaching the autonomous lifestyle, while helping brands scale their business for a global audience.

“I see myself on a beach with all my friends, enjoying life with a thriving Marketing agency that is truly making a difference for people’s lives,” he said.

To learn more about Mercurious consulting agency and Nathan Jackson, visit the company’s website.

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