Short Kings Rise Up – Conzuri Sneakers Boost Height Up To 2.5″ Inches

Men can avoid dating app height-bias with these confidence-boosting shoes and insoles.

A London-born accessory brand is allowing the short kings of the world to gain confidence, increase their attractiveness and avoid the modern-day height-bias.

Conzuri, based in the US & UK are offering a simple yet effective solution to the growing issue of shorter men being overlooked in the dating world – by lifting them up from under their feet.

Their range of shoes and specialised height insoles are designed to boost height in men who have been victim to a dating world that’s favoured those over 6ft for years now, with dating apps often allowing people to filter out people under a certain height.

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The brand’s playful and relatable approach appeals to millions of men across the world, and explains why they have been able to build their “Conzuri Squad” to over 30,000+ strong.

Like many young men on the modern dating scene, men’s confidence is often knocked by simply not meeting the requirement of being 6ft and over. Studies have found guys over 6ft receive around 60% more messages on dating apps than guys who were 5ft 8 and under.

Luckily, the Conzuri Cloud Runners (offering 2.4″ inches (6cm) of built-in boost) and their additional selection of insoles (which range from 1.2″ (3cm) up to 3.5″ (9cm)) have been able to help guys go from from 5’10 to over 6ft!

From a dating perspective, it can help short guys feel a lot more approachable. Customer’s have reported a direct impact on the amount of attention received when wearing Conzuri’s.

It’s pretty amazing to see how much of a difference it can make – not just physically, but mentally too.

The brand has seen exponential growth over the past year, and is taking the online world by storm. If girl’s get make-up, body enhancers and lip fillers — it’s time to level out the playing field.

Feel good, look good. That’s the motto.

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