No Typical Moments at Navigating iOS 14

Three hot trends in the digital marketing world to get ahead of iOS 14.

At No Typical Moments, the organization prides itself on staying atop of the newest digital trends to ensure that their clients are remaining innovative and differentiated in the ever-changing world of Facebook advertising. As a digital marketing agency whose clients are ‘internet first’ in their business models of online education, it was imperative that their team provided cutting edge solutions this spring and summer.

Before we get into the solutions that they’ve created, let’s address what iOS 14 is and why it has been on ever marketers’ radar for the last 7 months.

First, iOS 14 gives users the ability to opt out of third-party tracking from websites. This has led to a big problem with Facebook ads, since marketers are unable to track a user’s experience with their ads. Second, marketers are also having difficulty catering ads since they don’t have as much visibility on a unique person. This also causes a loss of granular data within tracking, which hurts the algorithm itself because it’s having a harder time gaining momentum and building an ideal customer persona. Third, marketers are losing data on the reporting side which makes it difficult to have a centralized location for finding and collecting data to make decisions on how to pivot campaigns.

With that being said, the company is actively deploying these three strategies to continue to hit their clients’ goals.

First, they are running lead generation campaigns on Facebook. This allows marketers to collect leads from a user without taking them to a landing page, which keeps the environment comfortable. This is something you can implement as a campaign objective. It’s the information that will tie back to a profile on Facebook.

Second, they are recommending that their clients run Display Ads on Google in addition to Facebook to diversify their ad spend. Display Ads has come a long way and it shows how much data Google has on its users. Google does a good job building its personas with all the data it already has on its own. The custom affinity audience option tells Google to target an audience that has searched similar keywords or visited similar URLs in the past. The custom intent audience option tells Google to target users who have used specific keywords or visited specific URLs.

Lastly, they are putting more importance on marketing analytics tools, CRMs, and utilizing multiple forms of tracking. With the murkiness of the iOS 14 update, the more data points marketers can have in place to look at and reference for campaign building decisions, the better the results will be. Wicked Reports is a platform that the company uses frequently.

The firm believes strongly that solutions will continue to pop up to support organizations to navigate these challenges.

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