DeSpace Unifies DeFi platforms with an Interoperable Two-Layer Blockchain Solution

DeSpace eliminates the complexities of the DeFi industry with a cross-chain Layer 2 system

DeSpace has built a unique platform that aggregates across chains to unify DeFi and NFT protocol into one website. This will make it easier for users to navigate the DeFi and NFT protocols while they mine DeSpace’s native token, DES. While they’re still in private sale, DeSpace aims to simplify the complex and make the benefits of crypto accessible to everyone.

While DeFi technology promised democratization of finance, this has not been delivered yet. The DeFi space is too complex for those without specialized knowledge. Even NFT marketplaces that are widely known thanks to their popularity among artists are too complex for the average user. This presents an obstacle for mainstream adoption of DeFi and NFTs.

“The DeFi phenomenon came with a lot of promise for financial independence,” says DeSpace co-founder Evgeniy Tretiakov. “While the technology attracted new users to the cypto space in 2020, nearly all DeFi projects come with problems. We’ve taken the best parts of the DeFi and NFT niche and used those to build an interoperable ecosystem that integrates with other platforms. This way, NFT holders and traders can buy, sell, stake and swap NFTs without being restricted to a single ecosystem.”

DeSpace aims to solve the complex issues within the DeFi industry by unifying the different blockchains and marketplaces. They’ve combined NFT and decentralized exchange aggregators with the current marketplaces, bringing order to the chaos. By partnering with Polygon and Chainlink, they’ve built an ecosystem with blockchain scaling and an accessible oracle. With this solution, DeSpace is confident that the DeFi space will be more accessible and truly democratic.

This interoperable system allows users to trade freely and use dApps across ecosystems, thanks to DeChain, a cross-chain Layer 2 solution. DeChain powers DeSpace at a high speed with low fees. DeSpace’s aggregated NFT marketplace allows people to trade NFTs across platforms, increase mining yields and receive airdrops. The DEX aggregator offers more utility to users by providing trading tools and multiple trading options.

Every aspect of the DeSpace platform is built with the user in mind. The NFT pad is launching this month, and the entire platform will be running in 10 months. Users will also have access to a boutique of custom DeFi products including DeSwap, DeStake and the DeLending protocol. DeSpace has built a unique solution in the industry, making it easier for users to navigate the world of DeFi and NFT protocols while mining DES coin.

About DeSpace

DeSpace has built a new platform that unifies the best aspects of the DeFi and NFT spaces. Their platform is cross-chain interoperable, allowing users to buy, sell, stake and swap NFTs across different ecosystems. With this comprehensive ecosystem, DeSpace aims to simplify the complex and make the benefits of crypto accessible to everyone.



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