Shipping Pilot Helps New eCommerce Businesses Save On Shipping and Fulfillment

Shipping Pilot is an American-based e-commerce shipping network platform designed to help new businesses save on shipping and fulfillment.

Creating an economical shipping hub is one of the many challenges e-commerce businesses face. The upkeep of storage units paired with limited options in terms of logistics typically leads to financial disasters. 

Shipping Pilot offers solutions to such problems, as the brand features a broad hub of connections, a team of highly experienced and dedicated experts, and a long list of partners that provide various shipping discounts. 

The global Covid-19 pandemic has led numerous businesses to near bankruptcy, stalling thousands of deliveries due to the increase in demand while the supply was becoming increasingly thin. 

The need for affordable shipment and fulfillment solutions was never as pronounced as in 2020 and 2021. Shipping Pilot realized this and offered a convenient, dependable platform to help save businesses running on a tight budget. 

The brand strives to automate the shipping and fulfillment process for their clients, allowing them to focus on improving their manufacturing techniques, invest in new technologies, and save up considerable amounts of money.  

Shipping Pilot’s method of operation is based on connecting their clients with a dedicated account manager, storing the client’s e-commerce products in Shipping Pilot’s warehouse, inspecting the products, integrating the client’s sales channels with Shipping Pilot’s platform, packaging the goods per client’s instructions, and finally, shipping the products at a drastically discounted rate. 

The brand’s services include FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) Prep, eCommerce Fulfillment, Subscription Box Fulfillment, and Warehousing.

The company was launched by Greg Airel, an eCommerce business owner who understood how the struggles of expensive shipping, warehousing and logistics could easily bring down any eCommerce business. “eCommerce business owners often spend too much time and money on shipping their products, I know this first hand. Business owners’ efforts and time are better when focused on growing and expanding their business, not putting labels on boxes.”

Numerous CEOs and founders of American businesses have expressed their gratitude towards Shipping Pilot through online reviews and recommendations. David Steciw, the CEO of Smarter Buying Enterprises, stated:

“Shipping Pilot has significantly streamlined our e-commerce business and aside from that, they have a friendly service team that is available to us anytime we need them. I no longer spend all my time dealing with shipping and focus on what matters, growing my business. I highly recommend Shipping Pilot as a fulfillment partner.”

Chris Guiher, a serial entrepreneur, wholeheartedly recommends Shipping Pilot for their rapid integration results and efficiency:

“Shipping Pilot is an essential partner to our operations At Rilla Rope, not only were we able to offload all of our fulfillment and FBA operations but we were able to do it around a cost savings of 25% compared to in-house fulfillment. I can now spend my time growing my business instead of spending my days shipping orders. I cannot recommend Shipping Pilot for other e-commerce businesses enough!”

More information on Shipping Pilot can be found on the brand’s official website.

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