Bestselling Author Joanna Rodriguez Announces Release of Behind The Curtains, A Story About Overcoming Intergenerational Trauma

21 Jul, 2021 – Joanna Rodriguez, a bestselling author, has announced the release of her latest book, Behind The Curtains. A true story about a child overcoming trauma and adversity, Behind The Curtains takes readers inside the mind of someone battling years of trauma and abuse, but whose journey to triumph on the other side and break the cycle of intergenerational trauma proves captivating and inspiring.

An intimate and deeply personal account of childhood trauma, Behind The Curtains is based on the life experiences of author Joanna Rodriguez as a child, teenager, and adult. On each page, Rodriguez’s story of sustained abuse and its impacts become clear as she learns that it is unknowingly affecting her own family in a negative light. The latest novel to address such a pressing societal issue, Behind The Curtains deals with the struggles and stigmas abuse victims face in modern society every day, often alone and in silence due to shame or fear. A phenomenon of suppression that leads to harmful cycles of child abuse, intergenerational trauma, and dysfunctional families, Behind The Curtains has quickly earned critical acclaim from early readers for casting light on this issue, empowering others, and inspiring thousands around the world.

A motivating and courageous story, Behind The Curtains brings awareness to childhood abuse and trauma to shows how one can break free of its cycles and end intergenerational trauma with acknowledgment and discussion about our pains.

Coinciding with the release of her new book, Joanna Rodriguez has announced she is also coordinating a weekend retreat this fall to help others reconnect with themselves and start the process of finding freedom. The event in Alberta, Canada will help free women from painful memories by empowering them with coping strategies and dialogue with other women in a safe, supportive environment.

Behind The Curtains is available now for English audiences. A Spanish translation will be released on July 20, 2021.

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Joanna Rodriguez, a proud Hispanic, was born in Ecuador and moved to Canada as a teenager to reunite with her parents. A mother of three boys and a daughter, her mission is to help educate, heal, and inspire by creating awareness and hope that people like her can break free of the trauma and stop abusive cycles. Her latest book, Behind The Curtains: A Courageous True Story of a Child Who Breaks Free of Trauma and Overcame Adversity!, is available through Amazon.

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