Virtual Summit Emerges on Romantic Relationships to Help Struggling Singles and Couples this July

The virtual summit is slated for three consecutive days with an early and late session, July 27th, 28th, and 29th, 2021, and will feature sessions by dating and relationship experts on the secrets to powerful love relationships for free

It is difficult to put the broken pieces of a relationship back together.  Surviving the COVID-19 pandemic was hard on most people, and the consequences of not being able to connect for singles and perhaps too much togetherness for couples, created an additional difficult and often painful dynamic.   The COVID-19 pandemic is not over even with many being vaccinated, and although the situation seems to be improving, strained relationships are still on the rise.

The pandemic revealed gaps and a lack of communication within partnerships and gave single people a heightened desire for connection.   After receiving many heartfelt complaints from friends and associates, Angelina Sol, a professional consultant and educator, created a virtual summit on love and relationships designed to help couples and singles forge a new path towards a more fulfilling relationship.  The virtual summit is tagged “Secrets to Powerful Love Relationships”.

Angela Sol aims to share techniques and strategies that will improve relationships at the free virtual summit being held from July 27 through July 29, 2021. Participants at the virtual summit will discover ways to have more passion, love, and romance in their lives. There will be 14 featured speakers who are dating and intimacy experts, relationship coaches, licensed marriage and family therapists, as well as best-selling romance authors as they are experts at creating excitement in their novels.

According to Angela Sol, “Our personal relationships can impact us powerfully, either making our lives painful or blissful.”  The summit will be available over three days in an early session at 10:00 AM EST with a repeat session at 7:00 PM EST.

“My husband enjoyed your entire summit and was actually disappointed when it ended. It has definitely shifted our marriage in a positive direction and I’m so grateful,” said Rhonda Barrett, a former summit participant. Secrets to Powerful Love Relationships hosted by Angelina Sol will be the perfect opportunity for couples to rekindle the fires of love in their relationships and better prepare singles for the match they’ve been looking for.

To book a seat at the virtual summit, please visit to sign up.

About Angela Sol

Angelina Sol is a professional trainer, coach, and consultant with over 15 years of experience improving companies and changing lives around the globe. Employees and clients she has consulted have increased their bottom line, their confidence and reached a new level of potential they didn’t know was possible.

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