Yosuda Bikes: A Unique Innovation to Exercise Bikes for Keeping Fit

Family Fitness Brand, Yosuda aims to be the first choice every time people want to exercise through the creation of a full range of fitness series, including stationary bikes, under-desk bikes, and much more

Exercising to keep fit is very important nowadays, as it helps prevent some diseases and maintain a step ahead of things. The market for fitness equipment is saturated with thousands of products, all of which claim to be useful and beneficial. Sadly, they do not offer value as they claim, thus making it difficult to find a perfect exercise bike in the overwhelming market.

Family Fitness Brand, Yosuda aims to be the first choice every time people want to exercise, and the brand is staying true to this course with its unique innovation of exercise bikes. The Yosuda Bikes line features a collection of stationary and under-desk bikes that allows easy and fun cardio and strength workouts. In addition, each product has been carefully designed by the R&D team at Yosuda to control the manufacturing process and provide excellent outcomes strictly.

Many persons are already aware that cardiovascular and aerobic exercise is beneficial for health. Still, some people tend to neglect it because of the monotony of climbing stairs daily. Yosuda Bikes presents a working solution with their current collection, which comprises of:

1. YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike YB001

Sold at $297, the YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike YB001 comes with an ergonomically molded seat that can be adjusted in 4 ways. The handlebars are also adjustable, providing enough space for the hands during a workout.

It also has a multifunctional LCD monitor that tracks a user’s workout time, distance, speed, calories, and odometer in real-time so they can see their progress with every pedal stroke. In addition, it is designed with a high-grade steel frame, solid and cast-metal components.

To order, please visit https://yosudabikes.com/products/yosuda-indoor-stationary-cycling-bike-yb001.

2. YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike YB007A

Well-built exercise bike, rock-solid foundation, and athletic aesthetic design, Thickened frame tube, and precision manufacturing, the YOSUDA Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike YB007A is sold for $362. It comes with a 40LBS flywheel and silent belt-driven system making it smooth and quiet.

The 4-way adjustable seat means users can to a perfect fit while the multifunctional monitor displays time, speed, RPM, distance, calories burned, tracks progress, and help get training goals step-by-step. In addition, there is an iPad holder just below the monitor with which you can place an iPad and follow exercise tutorials and videos while riding this Yosuda bike.

To order, please visit https://yosudabikes.com/products/yosuda-indoor-stationary-cycling-bike-yb007.

3. YOSUDA Magnetic Under Desk Cycling Bike YBM-1

For working-class people, it can be stressful to maintain an exercise schedule, but with the Yosuda Under Desk Cycling Bike, they can be at work and maintain fitness. The bike was also designed for seniors who have problems with mobility.

It comes with a high-quality samarium cobalt magnet which provides an ample load for smoother, quieter pedaling and eight adjustable levels of magnetic tension. Of course, it is easy to store and can fit into any workspace without constituting a nuisance.

To get the YOSUDA Magnetic Under Desk Cycling Bike YBM-1, please visit https://yosudabikes.com/products/yosuda-magnetic-under-desk-cycling-bike.

Yosuda offers massive discounts on all exercise bikes, and the Chinese-based company is shipping to any location worldwide. For more information, log on to www.yosudabikes.com or send an email to media@yosudabikes.com.

About Yosuda Bikes

Founded in 2018 by Eric Zeng, Yosuda is a Chinese company that upholds the principle of family fitness and healthy life and attaches great importance to ensure the quality of products in the case of continuous improvement of its aesthetics while striving to be a trustworthy fitness brand.

As a family fitness brand, Yosuda mainly sells family fitness equipment such as stationary bikes, under-desk bikes, etc. In the future, the company hopes to introduce pull-up equipment, trampoline, treadmill, and private high-end customization.

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