Camellia’s Tea House releases latest iced tea collection perfect for the summer season

Camellia’s Tea House has long been a specialist in all kinds of teas, and it has established a name for itself as a top source of specialty teas online. With a focus on freshness, quality and sustainability, Camellia’s Tea House is the name that comes to mind for premium tea blends. And now, the company has just released its latest iced tea collection, which is perfect for the summer.

UNITED KINGDOM – Tea has already been established as the beverage of choice in the UK and other countries around the globe, and there’s no doubt that tea is essential in the mindset of numerous consumers. But whilst there may be plenty of different kinds of teas and tea blends to be found, only the most selective know where to go for the best tea they could have.

Camellia’s Tea House is renowned for its collection of over a hundred herbal and tea infusions in the UK, and customers can certainly find the infusion and blend that’s best for them via their comprehensive search functions, which ensure a perfect match – whatever customers are looking to experience at teatime.

And now, the Tea House is happy to announce that it has just released its latest iced tea collection for the summer, and the range includes everything from Assam Bargang to Beautiful Skin Tea, Cherry Blossom Tea, Camellia’s Tea House Welcome Tea, and more. Assam Bargang is a speciality tea sourced from an estate on the Brahmaputra river’s north banks, with the river located in Northern India, specifically in the Sonipur district. The tea has broken leaves, giving it a more potent and creamier infusion, and it is now available for only £6.95 for an artisan loose-leaf bag.

Another excellent blend now on offer is Camellia’s Tea House Welcome Tea, which offers a light golden herbal infusion combined with soft textures aimed at soothing and refreshing one’s senses. For only £6.95, it’s an excellent combination of spicy and floral taste profiles and a fusion of white and green tea. Customers can also opt for other delightful infusions, such as Green Mint, Lapsang Souchong, Orange Tea, Peach Tea, Turkish Apple tea, and more.

About the company:

Camellia’s Tea House has always been distinguished for its premium tea blends and speciality teas, and it even has its tea school along with a vast selection of teas that include over 100 types of teas and a range of herbal infusions that are sure to delight any tea aficionado. For the best look at Camellia’s Tea House’s speciality tea collection, visit the website today.   

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