Bed Talk: Knowing More About Thread Count with Wyndon

What is thread count, and why does it even matter?

Nothing beats the comfort of one’s home. That is why furniture and bedding choices are actually quite a big deal in the process of turning a house into a home. Since 1990, Wyndon has become the partner of many homemakers in achieving their dream homes through the brand’s precise and distinct products that are constructed only with premier materials and modern finishes.

In line with Wyndon’s mission to elevate the standard of comfort and unify the global community on lifestyle, they offer products for bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. Of course, while each room in the house is equally important, the bedroom will always remain a safe haven for its owners. Aside from finding the perfect bed, purchasing the right bed linens is also essential to achieve maximum comfort.

The thing is, selecting the perfect sheet is not always easy because of the many options, varieties, and brands out there. At Wyndon, they wish to educate their customers on the material’s thread count, as it is a valuable factor to consider when one is on the lookout for new bed sheets. It takes a resourceful customer to get his head on the facts and information on thread count before making a purchase, and Wyndon wanted to assist with that.

Basically, thread count is a textile measurement of how many horizontal and vertical threads are woven into one square inch. Horizontal threads are often referred to as weft, while the vertical ones are called warp. For instance, if a sheet has 75 weft threads and 75 warp threads, the total thread count is 150. This measure of thread count can usually be found in the sheets used at health and institutional facilities. 200-400 can be found at big-box stores, while 400-500 can be found at quality retailers.

What should people look for in bed linens for their homes? Wyndon suggests looking into products with 400-500 thread counts woven with single-ply yarn. Particularly, this is what they offer to their customers as they choose to manufacture high-quality products. This is not just a random number. Research states that 500 is the maximum capacity of threads that can fit in one square inch. If a count is higher than 500, a double-ply of yarn was likely used, which involves twisting two pieces of lower quality yarn together.

Consequently, this information assures Wyndon customers that they are only being offered nothing but the best for their homes; beds that are more comfortable to lounge on and sleep in without compromising quality and durability.

Be on the lookout for thread counts when purchasing bedding. Choose to buy from Wyndon and visit their website at

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