Aon Cullins Debuts New Mobile repair service Specializing in Brakes

“It’s Great to Go, But Even Better to STOP”

July 22, 2021 – Aon Cullins is the founder of GotBrakes, an up-and-coming mobile repair business, and now, he has announced that he plans to expand this throughout the state of Florida.

His brand is all about making brake repairs efficient, convenient, and affordable for everyone. Through his own brand, Aon plans to offer exceptional brake repair for less than his competitor. He is also involved in the Tallahassee community, where he sponsors all three colleges and Universities within the city. Not only does this put his brand in a good light but this also allow him to directly give back to the colleges and universities.

Aon Cullins fully understands his city’s needs and struggles of quality brake service at an affordable price and decided to take control. By offering these servicing, he plans to save people money, time and most importantly, make the roads safe for everyone to travel.

Statistics shows that 2% of all accidents are caused by brake failure. He states “I think it higher because you have to count in the number of accidents where the brake system was damaged and could not be ruled brake failure. I’d say its somewhere round 4-5%.”

Being that Tallahassee, Florida is a college town, it is safe to say they’re more prone to accidents because of the concentration of young drivers. Driver safety is a concern for parents he says. “When parents send their children off the school, safety is a concern. Especially in the post-pandemic era where parents are worried about their children’s health, GotBrakes can supply piece of mind when it comes to the safety of their vehicle’s brakes.

“Aon Cullins expects to carve out those money greedy repair shops and make safety a priority. One of his favorite quotes is “Brakes Shouldn’t break your bank.”

Aon Cullins is Florida State University Grad, full-time business owner, and an elite member of his community.

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