The Famous Time Writer, Dan Arthur Busby, is the Mastermind Behind the Best Science Fictions: ‘Lost In Time’ and the ‘Time Machine Emergency’

Travel back in time to experience the unreal truths with the best trillers that The Time Writer publishes!

Los Angeles, CA, USA – People often fantasize about going back in time to change something in their life or a historical event. Most of them usually think about time travel machines that might take them back to a particular situation for doing something different than reality. This situation is where the science fiction authors jump into the picture to transform the imaginations into a sense of reality by writing on time machines and related stories. Dan Arthur Busby is one such Time writer who has published two successful books: ‘Lost in Time’ and the ‘Time Machine Emergency’.

His writings are famous for their unique relatability to the innovative world of imagination. His words take them back to travel in time. Only those who visualize such situations can sum up the essence of his stories. The idea is to make a successful journey while being immersed in the book, without any physical danger – that would also be a fantastic opportunity for adventure.

Dan Arthur Busby was a passionate adventurist since childhood. He would climb up the trees and scale the highest peaks in Montana when he was just a kid. He used to be that child who takes routes out of the path. The act of hopping, spiraling, or balancing gave him an addictive sense of freedom and exhilaration.

Even as an adult, he used to walk the top of swings with his three kids. In an incident at a trip in Southern Utah, Dan learned the art of wisdom. During his excursion, he made his way up a 100-foot crevasse between two rocked walls. Ultimately the walls progressively leveled off towards the top. At that point, Dan could not reach back towards his father’s handhold, and his father had to ultimately drive all around the rim for several miles only to save his adventurous son. After this, he finally realized the cowardliness behind his actions but did not end up his thrill. He continues to embark on epic journeys, but with the tip of his pen now. It is the story behind the brains of the Time writer that led him to write the most adventurous and thrilling time stories.

Captured in the prehistoric world, Lost in Time is marvelous science fiction about how, by 2040, the United States corrections system had discovered an incomparable way to save money. Time travel technologies have leaped over the decades, and these advancements transport the money from the present world to a very distant past world. But these versatile digital machines could only be used by the government. 

Another of his exciting thrillers is the Time Machine Emergency. While collaborating with a college professor, a brilliant twenty-two-year-old student makes an astonishing discovery. Derek and Professor Kibble make the ideal team to create an unlikely but utterly crucial time machine. Forced to accelerate their research due to a nuclear threat, they enlist the help of a woman, Lex, and venture into the unknown.

Sparking the lights of adventurous literature, Dan Busby continues to portray his love for excursions and time travels into his writings that are visible in the stories that earned him the exceptional title of the Time Writer. These books get published on Pen Culture Solutions, which employs skilled creative publishers, marketers, and distribution specialists. They assist independent authors from all over the world in realizing their publishing dreams.

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