Hope and Help Through Song: How Willie J Uses Music to Uplift Communities

Hope and Help Through Song: How Willie J Uses Music to Uplift Communities

Beauty and grace can spring even from the most painful of experiences. It may take time for people to see the positivity that came about despite unfortunate circumstances, but good things will always find their way through. Willie J has experienced more than a fair share of devastating blows in his life, but he has worked to turn his pain into hope.

Willie J is an Illinois-based artist, songwriter, producer, author, and CEO of Pure Mission Entertainment. His life is better today, but his past has been riddled with tragedy. Before he was a teenager, he lost a dear friend due to gun violence. A cousin with whom he was close to was killed at 21 years old. Willie J was incarcerated, and he lost a beloved family member to breast cancer. One could say that his life has been full of pain and loss. But this artist and CEO was fortunate enough to turn his many tragedies into triumph through his passion for music.

Willie J is using his company, Pure Mission Entertainment, to empower people and share hope with those who need it the most. He said, “My goal with Pure Mission Entertainment is to create hope through arts and entertainment. With everything we do, my goal is to empower people and change lives for the better.”

Through Pure Mission Entertainment, Willie J has spearheaded several musical charity projects. Among these charity projects include the hit record “We Love You Puerto Rico” which was a Hurricane Maria musical dedication. The record featured various artists and proceeds from the song were donated to the Puerto Rican Society.

Earlier this year, Willie J celebrated the success of his newly released EP Sunshine With the Rain Vol. 1, featuring work from the MuzicDortorz and Olympic boxer Arthur “Flash” Johnson. Filled with soulful hits, it has reached top three on the European Top 200 Indie Music Charts and is currently at over two million streams. 

In light of the devastating effects of COVID-19, WIllie J and Pure Mission Entertainment released their latest hit single “In the Morning.” Wilie J wrote this song on behalf of all the COVID-19 victims and their families. Willie J shared, “My dear friend Terry Sanford sings with me on the chorus and hook on this single. This song is also dedicated to his memory.” In keeping with the rest of his musical charity projects, proceeds from this song are donated to a non-profit organization that partners with communities in Greater St. Louis.

Aside from his musical endeavors, Willie J is also a published author with three books of poetry. His most recent book is also titled Sunshine in the Rain. “My poetry has the same goal as my music. I want to encourage others not to lose hope no matter what hardships life throws in their way. I want them to know that they are not alone and that they will make it through,” he said.

Since its inception, Pure Mission Entertainment has become a beacon of hope for people who are going through difficult times. Music can bring so much comfort to hearts burdened by grief. With his charitable music releases, Willie J proves that hope can come from something as simple as a song.

Willie J is an author, artist, songwriter and CEO of Pure Mission Entertainment. To learn more about the company and the work he does, you may visit this website.

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