Lucky 13’s takes effective, natural tattoo aftercare to the next level

Lucky 13’s leads the way in delivering impressive, easy, and natural tattoo care products that help improve the color, definition, and vibrancy of tattoos.

Leading company Lucky 13’s has taken tattoo aftercare to the next level as it scaled up efforts to bring tattoo aftercare products that help improve the color, definition, and vibrancy of tattoos.

“As the tattoo heals, it goes through various stages. This is where Lucky 13’s comes in, as it brings easy, effective, and natural tattoo care products and provides helpful guides on how to care for your tattoo after it heals,” a company representative said in a statement. 

It has unveiled a series of tattoo aftercare products that are an excellent choice for protecting newly tattooed skin and enhances the liveliness and boldness of the ink.

The Lucky 13’s Tattoo Balm Tube, priced at $19, increases definition, improves color, and prevents fading of the tattoo. 

The Tattoo Balm, worth $22, restores the original color and refreshes the look. Individuals need to apply the balm daily to tattoos to see and feel results immediately.

Meanwhile, the Lucky 13’s Tattoo Cleanser serves as the perfect gentle cleanser for a freshly done tattoo. It is a light and gentle foaming cleanser that is excellent for all skin types. Incredibly fresh and invigorating, the cleanser efficiently removes surface oils and dirt. 

“The product, worth $20, gently cleanses without dehydrating the skin, leaving it soft, clean, and fresh,” the representative said.

Individuals are advised to use the repair cleanser after their sessions to help soothe and protect their tattoo while ensuring an effective healing process.

Lucky 13’s products contain aloe, shea, and other ingredients that moisturize the skin and protect it from aging while improving the look and definition of tattoos.

For the complete tattoo care package, individuals can turn to the Expert Inked Pack, which contains tattoos balm stick, tin, and cleanser, all for $40.

Those looking to level up their tattoo care journey may visit Lucky 13’s website, where they can also find a blog section dedicated to providing great tattoo care tips and suggestions.

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