Spindy’s Cash-Back App Helps Consumers Save Money While Helping Local Businesses Grow

Spindy is an application that allows businesses to prosper alongside their customers with free exposure to the former and cash-back rewards to the latter.

The Spindy app was developed to help consumers save money, to help businesses gain more exposure, and ultimately, bring more balance to the market. 

The concept that Spindy is based on is straightforward and unique – after downloading the app, the users need to take a snapshot of the receipt, spin the wheel, and receive the cash-back reward. 

Businesses that use the Spindy app set the cash-back offers while receiving extra exposure. The cash-back rewards only apply to finalized sales based on receipts.

Since Spindy is a free app without any drawbacks, it was met with hundreds of overwhelmingly positive reviews on numerous platforms, such as Google Play Store, Appgrooves, chumsreferral.com, and Apple Store.

Amy Contizano posted her review on Google Play Store, praising the app’s responsiveness and straightforwardness, stating:

“Been telling everyone about this app. It’s the real deal! Had a tab of $80, uploaded my receipt, spun the wheel, and got $40 of it back! Customer service is really helpful and very responsive too.”

Spindy’s promotional run in July was a huge success – the registered users of the app were consistently spending 88% more in comparison to Non-Spindy users. The cash-back rewards are guaranteed and varied, effectively increasing the purchasing power of consumers. 

In addition to that, Spindy also heavily relies on gamification strategies, introducing elements of excitement and entertainment to the mix. The spin-the-wheel mechanism is much warmer than the stale, recurring results that fixed discounts offer. 

Spindy’s success peaked when presented at Carl’s Jr. restaurants. This reputable chain with thousands of loyal customers reached new audiences and garnered even more popularity by keeping their customers entertained while boosting their purchasing power. 

With an already established following of loyal customers, Spindy brought the wonders of gamification to Carl’s Jr. restaurants, creating an atmosphere where customers could buy more while spending less, be entertained while eating and drinking their fill. 

“At Spindy, we believe the next generation of customer engagement and loyalty must be focused on excitement and entertainment. Excitement and entertainment are critical elements of a loyalty and rewards program if you are to organically leverage social platforms. Gamification is one of the most appealing ways to add these elements to a loyalty strategy, both customers and companies will see mutual benefits.”

A firm, organic bond between customers and businesses heavily relies on loyalty and value, both of which are often synonymous with discounts and sales. Traditional discounts are rarely, if ever, consistent; excitement-centric guaranteed rewards that range from symbolic to substantial are far more entertaining while offering drastically more value to both customers and business owners.  

The Spindy app is available for free download on Google Play Store and Apple Store. More information on Spindy can be found on the brand’s official webpage.

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