What it takes to become a Nightlife Guru by Hans Kennedy


Hans Kennedy has been working in nightlife for over 10 years for some note-worthy companies in the hospitality sector such as Tao Group, Butter Group, Bagatelle, and EMM Group in New York.

He began as a salesman. He eventually worked his way up and attained an image that would earn the respect and admiration of many who once despised him. From this, he became motivated and kept trying new tactics and strategies that helped him overcome more obstacles down the line. It was simple: he started by changing his mental attitude, and then he discovered that he had to sell himself as a person first, and everything else would follow. “People look at you the same way you look at yourself”.

About famous people

“I hate the question of famous people. It’s not something I care for. I have been around them all, and never cared about it, which is probably the reason why I do well.”

“I don’t know about them probably because I don’t listen to hip-hop as much as I used to when it was actually was good. Now it’s just noise, and I don’t care about it, therefore I do not care for any new artist. Yes: I have been around other kinds of celebrities, but like I said, you name one and I have been in the same room as them, but this has never been my target. It’s just something that the cheesy promoters target and tend to fail with.”

About fashion

“I don’t care for fashion for myself; I only care for the people around me to be fashion forward. As long as they looked good, it did not matter how I looked. I could walk in looking homeless, and it wouldn’t matter so long as I bring the beautiful people in, although of course I would dress nicely. I always had this round hat with me that people kind of got to know me by, and it became a part of me. Anywhere I went people would recognize me because of the hat.”

“As far as shoes, I do not care for them. I liked comfortable shoes and Sketchers were the most comfortable of all.”

“Suits wise I used to own cheap suits when I first started to try and look professional, but I figured down the line that it didn’t matter what I wore, so long as the people I brought were beautiful.”

About money

“I never spend money on parties. I never liked having my own parties because it was more of a hassle than working a place that already had the set up and organized everything for me, and you knew would be a great party rather than some promoter’s who would do their own parties and fail.”

“I do not like to go back to failing at doing anything, and I like to have everything already catered to the people I bring. I focus on bringing in the crowds while the venue focuses on putting the event together. For New Years I like to do my own party, and usually do a masquerade event on one of the clients rooftops where I can bring my friends as a sort of “thank you for coming out with me all year” gesture.”

About people

“It took me about 2.5 years to get the ball rolling and figuring out how to really get the most of what I had. I hired some spectacular guys who I gave all the time in the world to teach them how to do exactly what I did. When we came together, there was nothing we couldn’t do. You kind of figure that that is just the beginning, and what to do next to get to the next level.”

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