Co-Founder of the LPGA, Marilynn Smith releases new flavored iced tea based on her favorite flavors

The Marilynn Smith is a refreshing ice tea beverage based on her favorite flavors, strawberry, and raspberry. The beverage is currently available at a promotional discount of 10% with the code TEATIME.

Marilynn Louise Smith was a professional golf player, an inductee of the esteemed World Golf Hall of Fame, and one of the founders of the Ladies Professional Golf Association. Marilynn always strived to popularize golf among young women, hoping to provide opportunities she was never privy to when she was young.

“This fund exists to create opportunities Marilynn never had, she once said “ I was never given that opportunity when I went to University of Kansas years ago. In fact, the Athletic Director of the college said that if I was a boy then he could help me, but because I was a girl, then no funds were available to me. I want to make sure those women golfers don’t ever have to face that same hurdle that I did when I was their age.”

Marilynn was inducted into the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame and World Golf Hall of Fame, which were the achievements that she earned by winning a variety of highly prestigious tournaments across the globe:

“In October 2000, Marilynn was one of six inaugural inductees into the LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in October 2006, through the Lifetime Achievement category, becoming the 23rd member of the LPGA Tour to earn the World Golf Hall of Fame entry – bringing her total to 11 halls of fame.”

The Marilynn Smith & Founders Legacy Foundation is an organization that was founded to promote golf by awarding scholarships to female students and keeping the spirit of one of the world’s greatest golfing legends alive. 

“The Marilynn Smith Scholarship Fund provides annual grants to female students who demonstrate academic achievement, leadership, and extraordinary community involvement and plan to play collegiate golf. While playing golf at the University of Kansas, Marilynn competed in the 1949 Women’s National Intercollegiate Golf Tournament. Her father asked the athletic director, for travel expense money to play in the event. He said, “Mr. Smith, it’s too bad your daughter is not a boy.” This was the catalyst for Marilynn to establish her scholarship fund.”

The company has recently released the The Marilynn Smith – an iced tea beverage based on the combination of Marilynn’s favorite flavors strawberry and raspberry. The beverage is available on The Marilynn Smith official website and at select LPGA golf tournaments across the United States.

The Founders Tea is a slightly carbonated drink that contains less than 100 calories per can. The beverage is sold in packs of 12 and costs $25 when purchased at the Marilynn Smith shop. It is currently on a promotional discount of 10%, which can be redeemed with the code TEATIME. A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Marilyn Smith Scholarship fund.  

The Foundation has existed for more than 20 years and has awarded more than 200 scholarships totaling over a million dollars. Marilynn Smith & Founders Legacy Foundation continues to follow her vision of helping young golf ladies prosper and become the best versions of themselves. 

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