Leather and travel accessory designer Natashia Paul launches new line of leather travel accessory brand ‘Chuupul Leather’ in New Orleans

Chuupul Leather introduces exclusive travel bags that are made of 100% full-grain leather and uphold the values of green fashion.

New Orleans, Louisiana – July 22, 2021 – A new dynamic accessory designer, Natashia Paul, is all set to redefine the scene of  travel accessory fashion and for all the great reasons. The leather and travel accessory designer has recently launched her flagship leather travel accessory brand, called Chuupul Leather, that aims to offer next-gen functional luxury luggage bags to help people travel better. The brand advocates sustainable fashion and the ethos of giving back to the community.

Chuupul Leather has just partnered with Faire Wholesale Marketplace and its  products will now be available with various retailers. 

Based in New Orleans, Chuupul Leather presents a trendy line of handcrafted leather travel accessories, including backpacks, duffel bags, and satchels. Designed for distinguished travelers, these bags are made from 100% full-grain leather. All the materials used in making the Chuupul bags are a byproduct of local farming and agricultural industries. Also, the materials have been tanned naturally and there has been no usage of chemicals.  

“It’s an exciting moment for me to announce the launch of my new leather and travel accessory brand Chuupul Leather. We bring to you a premium range of exclusive handcrafted travel bags that are highly durable, stylish, a breeze to carry along and especially designed to complement modern explorers. Whether you are a boho wanderer or a fashionista with a penchant for luxury vacations or an entrepreneur who is always on the move- our uniquely stylish next-gen leather bags will be your ultimate travel buddy. We are driven by the mission of sustainable fashion and when you sport our bags you too get a  wonderful opportunity to protect the planet”, stated Natashia.

While asked about the inspiration behind the brand, Natashia mentioned her long-standing aspirations of designing a functional baggage line that will enable people to travel better and in perfect style. She wanted something that would be able to offer travelers a smarter, more versatile and lasting alternative to typical mass produced plastic suitcases. And, thus Chuupul Leather was born.

A major USP of Chuupul Leather is the brand’s focus on minimalist luxury. Each of the bags flaunts a subtle elegance which is certainly fashion-forward but never too overwhelming on the face. The brand’s uniqueness also shines through its commitment to “quality over quantity”. Unlike regular counterparts, Chuupul Leather doesn’t follow mass production- rather the latest brand produces bags in limited batches per collection to ensure an exclusive inventory.

“Our exclusive collection of designer travel bags speaks of discreet yet indulgent opulence. We have kept things minimalist here to ensure a classy appeal without getting overboard. Our bags are devoid of unnecessary bells and whistles like gaudy embellishments or monograms to ensure a streamlined elegance. On the other hand, we have embraced the imperfections of the hide which are otherwise discarded by other designers as flaws. We have felt every such scar adds a distinct character to the bags and hence each of our bags has a unique story to tell.”

Chuupul Leather is a socially active brand and has developed multiple support programs for underprivileged communities in Mexico.

For more information, please visit https://www.chuupul.com

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