Discusses What One Should Look for in Bollards for Sale Discusses What One Should Look for in Bollards for Sale

Bollards, most often referred to as security posts, come in multiple shapes and sizes. Purchasing security bollards or other barriers is not always an easy process, especially if a person has never purchased one before. It is important individuals know what to look for, so they can ensure they make the right purchase. To learn more, continue reading and click here.

What Is a Bollard?

A bollard is a short post that is put in place as a security barrier. These are often seen in front of places of business that are at risk for theft. Convenience stores often have several bollards in place to prevent individuals from driving through the store and robbing the establishment.

Bollards can be installed as a visual guide that helps to keep traffic in the correct areas. They can also be installed as a preventative vehicle block. These strong posts are meant to protect people and property. When installed correctly, they can prevent injuries and property damage or theft, according to

A bollard can be made of different materials, including cement, plastic, metal, and stone. These posts can be made to look like decorative additions to a property. If the primary purpose is protection, choosing the right material is vital.

Types of Bollards

It is important individuals know what type of bollard they will need for their home or business. There are multiple types of bollards available. The following offers information on What Are Bollards Used For? Bollard Definitions And Types Of Bollards.

Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards, sometimes referred to as static bollards, remain in place. This is the most common type of bollard. These are the types of bollards one sees outside of grocery and convenience stores. Individuals who are interested in learning more should check out professionals like Protogetic.

Telescopic Bollards

Telescopic bollards are often used to block driveways when not in use, so individuals will not have access to a property. Telescopic bollards can be manually lowered into the ground when not in use. They are ideal for allowing or preventing traffic from coming through a driveway.

Removable Bollards

When a telescopic bollard is not usable, such as in areas with high water tables, removable bollards are a solution. Instead of retracting into the ground, these bollards can be removed and put away into storage. These can be installed in areas where pipes and electrical wires are run.

Helpful Tips for Purchasing Bollards

The above information will hopefully help individuals with their buying process. The following offers some helpful tips to ensure a person is prepared to make a purchase.

  • It is important individuals know the type of bollard they need. They should consult with professionals if they are unsure. Purchasing the right type is essential. 

  • Property owners will also need to make sure they have a professional to install their bollards. When installed by professionals, bollards offer formidable protection. They must be installed correctly.

  • It is important individuals maintain their bollards properly. Although they are highly sturdy and lasting, they do require maintenance from time to time. Proper maintenance will keep them protected. 

Bollards can be used to protect all types of properties, including commercial and residential. When in place, the bollard can prevent ramming and entrance. Bollards offer the right level of protection at all times.

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