Graduating First in their Class with the Technomad Noho Ci

Graduating First in their Class with the Technomad Noho Ci

In a year where many have felt far apart from friends and family members, celebrating graduation with their eighth-grade classmates was more important than ever for Immaculate Heart Middle School students in Los Angeles. An outdoor ceremony was planned to protect students and their families and a new sound system was installed by Steven Houser, a local Technomad distributor with Trox. By adding Noho Ci speakers with a waterproof PowerChiton amplifier Immaculate Heart extended the reach of their PA system outside to support the important event.

“The school was looking for a sound system that was easy to install, fit their budget and was compact enough to look good but loud enough to cover the full area of the sports field,” said Technomad dealer and installer, Steven Houser. “They were also working on a timeframe of only a few weeks until graduation. The Noho Ci speakers matched with a PowerChiton3 and a waterproof BreakoutBox mixer fit all of their requirements, look nice, and were installed by my team within the timeline they needed.”

This year’s graduation ceremony was held on an athletic field that the school well uses for events, games, and activities. Adding a sound system to the area would help teachers and coaches in two ways. The first was a replacement of the current mobile speaker system, which required staff to move large, heavy (and non-waterproof) speakers up to the “top field” area for each event and back afterwards. The second was improving their sound quality and adding the capacity to support prominent events like graduations, daily sports practices, and school activities.

“After we installed the Noho system the client said, ‘wow those are pretty small.’ They were very impressed with how loud it was when we got it up and running,” said Houser.

The Technomad Noho Ci is ultra-compact and weatherproof. The company’s flagship product also offers a robust, sleek, visually appealing design. Its three layers of WeatherTech™ grill will help protect it from the California sun. Noho provides the perfect choice for sports audio systems, retail and architectural installations, performance spaces, and more.

To find the Noho sound system, Immaculate Heart High School and Middle School employee Marc Hill researched systems based on a few essential requirements: weather resistance, theft-resistant, outdoor use, and plug-and-play for use by non-technical staff. The US-Made Noho system was the only product on the market that met all his specific requirements. The school’s unique location on a noisy main street required speakers that would overcome the din. Its first use for a graduation event bringing the community together after a long year of pandemic-related cancellations and closures made the need for first-time success even more significant.

“I didn’t want it to not perform, to make our graduation speakers shout over traffic,” said Hill. “Looking at the reviews online made me feel much better about what I was choosing. We gave Steven a month and a half before graduation, with time needed to train our teachers on how to operate the system. It was a nail biter, but our graduation went off without a hitch. Everything went perfectly.”

Another of Hill’s key requirements of the system was ease of use, so that all members of the staff could feel comfortable using it. He also wanted future vendors to be able to plug in and use the system quickly and effectively in the future. Because the field borders a main street with traffic, high-capacity speakers were needed. But the Los Angeles school also neighbors residential homes that span the canyons around the area. Ensuring the speakers did not cause an echo in the hills nearby was a critical requirement that the installation team had to overcome. Finally, Hill said playing music through the speakers from a phone or other device is a feature his colleagues most enjoy about their new sound system.

Designed to work with Technomad’s line of PowerChiton amplifiers, the BreakoutBox mixer provides a local ‘front-end’ for the PA system in a low profile, weatherproof enclosure. The lockable mixer features a mono, four input audio mixer with a combo microphone and balanced input, as well as three line-level inputs (Bluetooth input is an available option). The PowerChiton can be easily installed on a lighting pole and connected to AC power supplied by the pole to drive up to three loudspeakers. Once installed, a coach or other school leader can walk up to the BreakoutBox, unlock it and immediately make announcements via the microphone or play music by connecting an iPhone or similar source. Events can be up and running in less than a minute.

Technomad has been serving customers for more than 25 years. The company’s products are designed and made locally in Deerfield, Mass. for clients around the globe, from Disney and Universal Studios to the U.S. military and schools like Immaculate Heart High School and Middle School in Los Angeles, California. Technomad delivers the world’s first truly weatherproof professional-grade loudspeakers, recognized for their quality, durability and performance.

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