Birthright Citizenship in Canada is a Gift that a Child Retains for Life

Many individuals worldwide seek to at some point move to Canada after visiting it. Canada is filled with the beauty of nature, is culturally diverse, the people are friendly, and the housing is generally affordable.  Canada also has what is considered better healthcare than many other countries.  Canada also has Birthright Citizenship, where if a child is born within any location within the Canadian border, they are granted citizenship immediately and retain it for life. 

This has led many women to travel to Canada to give birth since their child can then reside in Canada or visit without the need for a passport or other paperwork for the rest of their lives.  It is quite frankly the ultimate gift. 

However, the prospect is daunting for many expectant mothers as they can lack the knowledge of hospitals, doctors, paperwork needed, and other processes that would make this possible.  Birthright Canada Consulting in Concord, ON, has met the challenges of Birthright Citizenship for expecting mothers head-on and provides comprehensive childbirth packages that will explain the process and help with all the intricacies. 

This firm specializes in meeting all the challenges of giving birth in Canada head-on.  Consulting on travel in and out of Canada is available, as well as housing location, and even language assistance.  For the most part, Canada speaks primarily English and French but some that seek Birthright Citizenship do not. 

Neonatal care consulting is offered by Birthright Canada Consulting with the additional Doula counseling explained also.  Expectant and newly birthing mothers especially in a foreign country can experience stress and many emotions. 

A Doula can give comfort and care both before birth and afterward and are a distinctive offering in Canada.  The quality of care for expecting mothers is quite high in Canada which is why many individuals travel there to give birth. Each Doula is trained in both pre-birth and post-partum issues but knowing where to find them and how to enlist their help can be a mystery to Canadian Birthright Citizenship pregnant women. 

Finding reputable doctors and hospitals or birthing centers is also a consulting feature in the comprehensive Childbirth Packages for Canada that Birthright Canada Consulting provides.  Airport travel both incoming and departure is a subject that is discussed in detail as childbirth can occur at any time in pregnancy and all travel issues both arriving and leaving Canada must be discussed.

 Not all childbirth goes smoothly either so Birthright Consulting Canada also endeavors to include all possible scenarios that might occur and have preparations for the unforeseen.  An initial consultation with Birthright Canada Consulting is advisable before making a trip to Canada to give birth. The intricacies of birthing in Canada and obtaining Birthright Citizenship for any child should not be taken lightly. 

Birthright Citizenship is a phenomenal lifetime gift for any child but research and consulting are needed first to achieve the best outcomes.  Not knowing the processes or services within the Canadian landscape can lead to a frustrating and even perhaps dangerous experience.

About Birthright Canada Consulting

Based in Concord, ON, Birthright Canada Consulting offers birthing packages to mothers considering giving birth in Canada to establish Canadian citizenship for their child at birth. The consulting packages include everything mothers might need to effectively enjoy the experience of birthing in Canada without the hassle and stress of an unfamiliar environment and no knowledge of the processes involved. 

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