Innovative Remote Patient Monitoring Program Gets Launched, Aims at Making Healthcare Affordable in the United States

ReferralRx is an RPM program that aims to be a one-stop-shop for insulin and other prescription medicine needs online

The USA suffers from the largest healthcare expenditure globally, yet its health outcomes aren’t commensurate with that level of investment. It spends significantly more on healthcare per capita than other countries. To curb this excess, a remote patient monitoring program, ReferralRx, has been launched.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a digital innovation to observe, report, and analyze patients’ conditions from anywhere in the US. In addition, it covered by Medicare and enables patients to share updates on their vitals from the convenience and comfort of home—or even at the office.

The use of remote patient monitoring devices comes with benefits that include providing a more profound understanding of conditions and treatments, empowering users to take more control of their care plans, and lowering readmission rates in ERs, hospitals, and care facilities.

ReferralRx is making it easy to overcome technological isolation and reduce healthcare costs for patients, providers, and insurers through an innovative approach to service delivery that leverages existing relationships between healthcare providers and patients.

Making healthcare for Americans a little more affordable is at the core of the purpose behind the creation of ReferralRx. In addition, the platform seeks to improve overall patient health, reduce hospital readmissions, increase practice revenue, and provide better services to keep chronic care patients healthy.

An important feature of the ReferralRx platform is the COVID-19 Mobile Testing Sites setup. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the United States and other parts of the world, the need for COVID-19 testing sites is increasing. Healthcare providers and anyone looking to set up a COVID-19 testing site can partner with ReferralRx and enjoy free test kits, full setup support, Patient and Providers management, and the elimination of painful and uncomfortable nasal swabs.

In addition, through the partnership, the team at ReferralRx will provide education on COVID-19 testing options, determine the need for testing, identify a suitable location for the testing site, identify the best framework for the site, and staff from healthcare professionals’ greeters. Other provisions of the ReferralRx program include outsourcing medical billing services and medication and health plan discounts.

The ReferralRx program is open to Healthcare Providers and Facilities, Nursing Homes, Assisting Living, Home Care Agencies, and Adult Daycares that cater to Medicare Patients. To learn more, please visit

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