GBRI announces partnership with Project Controls Expo

NEW YORK CITY, NY – July 22, 2021 – GBRI is excited to announce a new partnership with Project Controls Expo. In an ongoing effort to establish a community built on sustainable education and growth, GBRI intends to strengthen this community by inviting Project Controls Expo, their delegates & attendees and with the inclusion of content related to Project Controls.

What Are the Main Outcomes of this Partnership?

The partnership between GBRI and Project Controls Expo hopes to serve the mission of both companies to empower future leaders and current professionals of sustainability and Project Controls. Sustainable education will be woven into Project Controls’ focus on practical and theoretical awareness of processes, controls, and techniques to their delegates.

What is Project Controls Expo?

Project Controls Expo is the world’s largest Project Controls event. The event is focused around enhancing the project controls profession by bringing the community together under one roof. At the expo, stakeholders are given awareness of the project, tools, and techniques involved in the project controls field.

Opportunities of the Partnership

This partnership is full of opportunity for both Project Controls Expo and GBRI. For one, sustainability will be added into the conversation of Project Controls. In the modern world, sustainability is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. By adding a layer of sustainability focus to the Expo, leaders from the sustainability world are encouraged to attend the expo and provide a focus of sustainability to the conversation.

An increased knowledge of Project Controls will be added to GBRI’s website to further expand the audience knowledgeable on what Project Controls are and how they relate to sustainability. Students and professionals seeking understanding of the project controls world can access information through the GBRI portal while growing their understanding of sustainability.

This partnership allows both Project Controls Expo to gain recognition through GBRI’s online advertising and continued support of the mission. This in turn helps GBRI expand its audience. In this regard, community building is at the center of this partnership.

GBRI plans to enhance participation in this conference by at least 200 participants. We plan to connect our national and international students of engineering, construction management, and building science with the expo to provide further professional growth outlets to our dedicated students. We believe in educating our students on all of the options available to them in the professional workplace. Project controls offers and unique and intriguing position for interested students.

GBRI will also use this partnership to offer credits to Engineers and Architects interested in project controls. The expo offers and unique opportunity to enhance and broaden the understanding of the professional world to our students. We hope to connect our students with this field of study and broaden the pool of attendees at the Project Controls Expo.

Push Toward Community

GBRI believes in providing opportunities for growth and education to all of its students. The Project Controls Expo is the perfect place to broaden a student’s understanding of what the professional world has to offer and how sustainability fits into the workplace.

We believe that through this community, sustainability will take on a new focus that is sure to expand with time. Sustainability can be and should be incorporated into every facet of the professional world. This is a start to expanding the community of project control experts with that of sustainably-driven individuals. We’re thrilled to engage in this partnership and build this community of action-driven individuals.

About GBRI

GBRI is an online Sustainability Education Provider founded with the belief that the best way to encourage responsible development is to provide resources to the builders, designers, and engineers who are crafting the future. Its mission is to make sustainability resources affordable and accessible to everyone across the globe.

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