Promotes 100% Renewable Energy: Harnessing the Power to Sustain Humanity Indefinitely Promotes 100% Renewable Energy: Harnessing the Power to Sustain Humanity Indefinitely

Earth’s population is constantly growing. Each generation brings about an array of new technology, advancements, and ideas. At the same time, the swelling number of people on the planet and all those new developments are taking a toll on many natural resources. In fact, the situation looks grim for the current non-renewable fuel sources on which are so heavily relied upon. This has led to a race to find new ways to bring renewable energy sources to the forefront.

How Much Fossil Fuel is Left?

Right now, humanity largely depends on fossil fuels to meet the world’s power demands. These include coal, oil, and natural gas. One can find more info on this from various sources. Right now, though, take a look at just how much fossil fuel remains.

Due to the rising population and simultaneously surging demands, non-renewable resources are quickly being depleted. At present, studies show that there is enough coal to last about 100 more years providing consumption rates hold steady. The natural gas supply should hold out for about 50 years, and oil reserves may be able to last for approximately 45 years, according to and other knowledgeable sources.

Mitigating the Problem

Because of those rapidly dwindling reserves, humanity is taking a closer look at renewable energy sources. The world has already been using them for quite some time but hasn’t fully incorporated them into the world at this point. Programs like The Solutions Project are geared toward changing that. In the meantime, let’s discuss a couple of the most common and practical sources of sustainable energy.

Solar Power

Solar power is the most widely known and commonly used form of renewable energy at present. Reports indicate that, in a matter of 90 minutes, enough of the sun’s energy reaches Earth’s surface to power the entire world for a full year. There already is the harnessing of that power to an extent, but still not fully capable of taking advantage of all that potential. By using the Earth’s oldest and most trustworthy power source, energy needs can be met without fear of running out or destroying the planet. 

Wind Energy

As long as the Earth has trees and an atmosphere, wind energy will be here to take advantage of. Some might argue that based on the way things are going right now, there may not be any of those elements left before long. Still, measures are being taken to make this type of renewable energy a more integral part of life. Turbines are becoming more efficient, durable, and practical with each passing year, so wind energy is certainly a viable alternative. 

Making the Most of What the Earth Has to Offer

Many businesses and individuals alike are making plans to break their ties with fossil fuels and become more dependent on renewable energy sources. One prime example is detailed in the recent article, “Lam Research sets 100% renewable energy goal for 2030.” Efforts like these are becoming better honed with each passing year.

There is everything that is needed to grow and thrive right here on the planet.  People have already taken advantage of some of those resources to the point where they may be lost forever. As long as people continue working to transition to renewable energy sources and protect the non-renewable ones, though, humanity will be able to sustain itself indefinitely.

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