Explains the Reasons for API Integration Explains the Reasons for API Integration

API integration is more important than ever before. Small business owners require an API integration platform to be able to successfully automate many business processes. Those who are interested in API integration should read this post here

What Is API Integration?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API allows for communication and connectivity between multiple software applications. With API integration, there is seamless connectivity, so automated business processes become much easier. API integration, according to, allows enhanced sharing through the embedding of data between multiple applications. 

Reasons an API Integration Platform Is Necessary

Learning about API integration is essential. Dwolla streamlines coding with quicker API integration, offering a range of benefits. The following provides information on some of the reasons companies may need an API integration platform. 

  • There are hundreds of cloud apps available today, and connecting them is not always easy. Business owners that need to connect multiple cloud apps should consider their options for API integration. Platforms like Jitterbit make this process much easier. 

  • With API integration, companies can combine the best applications for keeping financial records, and connect them seamlessly, for better record-keeping across the board. API integration makes connections more obtainable, which can save companies money. It allows them to choose the best-of-the-best applications so they are not stuck with any inadequate options. 

  • Companies that need to quickly create new APIs will need to use an API integration platform to make the process more streamlined and intuitive. In the past, there were only two options. A company had to either use an API that was already available or build one from scratch, which could be highly time-consuming. Today, integration offers much better options. 

  • Another reason a company may need an API integration platform is they need to access older data. Instead of allowing data that is a year or older to collect dust, API integration allows companies to access and use this data easily. APIs can even be created for internal use by a company. 

  • Finally, companies that need to improve team productivity can use API integration to effectively meet these goals. Automating connectivity among multiple applications greatly improves productivity. API integration is especially beneficial in IT departments. 

If any of the above apply to a company, it would be wise for owners to learn about their options for API integration platforms. With so many new platforms springing up, it is essential careful research is carried out. Finding the right platform makes integration much easier and helps to streamline many business operations. 


With API integration platforms, connectivity between multiple apps allows for automated business processes. With more automation comes the ability to better run a small business. Company owners need to first realize why they need an API integration platform. Once they have discovered their needs, it is important they start researching and learn as much as possible about their platform options. Running a business requires a lot of applications, no matter the size of the company. With API integration, all of these apps can be connected to work harmoniously together. 

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