From a Living Thyroid Gland Model to a Medical Tricorder: Incredible Inventions That Are Fostering Healthcare As Described to

From a Living Thyroid Gland Model to a Medical Tricorder: Incredible Inventions That Are Fostering Healthcare As Described to

Great strides have been made in the medical world over the last several decades. Lasers are used to help correct vision issues, eliminate skin blemishes, and remove tumors among other tasks. Robots help perform surgical procedures, and people can now visit their doctors without having to leave their homes. Those are only a few of the recent developments that are shaping the healthcare industry. Of course, many might say they’re old news in comparison to some of the latest advancements to come to light.

Propelling Medicine into the Future

Quite a few new developments are in the works in the medical field. Some are already being used while others are still in the developmental stages. Interested parties can check that fact by cross-referencing it with many online sources. For now, though, take a look at some of the tools and devices that may become part of one’s treatment during the months and years to come. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is making numerous appearances in healthcare at present. It’s being used to create more targeted treatments for patients with a range of medical conditions. It’s also helping with the development of new vaccines and medications. At the same time, AI is being incorporated into the field of radiology to help reduce the need for tissue samples and improve the technology of existing equipment.

3-D Tissue Models

Companies are experimenting with 3-D models of living human tissue as well. For example, LifeNet Health is helping to create a 3-D thyroid model comprised of living microtissues. Their unique materials retain actual genetic markers and other features contained in human cells and organs.

The possible applications for models like these are virtually endless. They include improving medical diagnoses and creating revolutionary treatments for issues like thyroid colloid cysts. What Is a Colloid Cyst on the Thyroid? It’s a nodule on the thyroid gland that can potentially be cancerous. These newly developed 3-D models can become instrumental in determining whether cysts like these are benign or malignant and what causes them to form in the first place.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices have been available for a few years now, but they’re continuing to grow and evolve according to They’re being used to monitor patients’ health, administer necessary medications, and perform other essential services. Wearables are helpful for cancer and diabetes patients as well as those suffering from numerous other conditions.

Medical Tricorders

The concept of medical tricorders first entered the public eye via Star Trek. Those miraculous devices simply needed to be waved over patients to detect increased heart rates, elevated blood pressure, internal injuries, and other medical issues. Similar technology has been developed in the real world though current versions need to be connected to sensors that are attached to the patient. 

A New Level of Medical Care

These days, robots and artificial intelligence assisting with most medical care. Living tissue models are being created, and doctors can monitor their patients from miles away. Science fiction tools have even become a reality. All those advancements are certainly exciting, and they may make one wonder what else the future holds in store. 

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