Explains How to Use a SharePoint Migration Tool to Improve Workplace Collaboration Explains How to Use a SharePoint Migration Tool to Improve Workplace Collaboration

Many times, clients wonder how they can maximize the value of a SharePoint migration. SharePoint migration options in 2021 are nearly endless, and they can help business customers realize their intranet’s potential. Here, one can learn how to modernize a company’s SharePoint environment through a safe and secure migration to a cloud-based solution.

The Importance of SharePoint Migration

SharePoint, which is part of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, has been around since 2011. Since then, it’s become one of the company’s biggest success stories, with many companies migrating to the platform. However, as intranets age and on-premises solutions reach EOL (end of life), companies are considering options such as migrations. According to, today’s adaptable, connected workplaces depend on SharePoint Online and other modern environments to share information and get things done safely and securely. Clients canclick here to find out more about SharePoint migration tools.

Building a Migration Team

In any migration, there will be planners and workers. The company’s migration team will likely consist of:

  • A migration lead who reports to executives

  • A project manager who oversees staffing and project planning

  • A solution architect who migrates the business’ solutions

  • An information architect who handles the intranet’s modernization and works with the solution architect

Some migrations may need more (or fewer) of these positions. With the right migration team from a company like
Cognillo, one’s chances of success will increase.

Modernizing the Company’s SharePoint Structure: Bringing Things Up to Speed

If the business’s intranet is over five years old, it probably doesn’t accurately reflect the existing organizational structure. While intranets of the past used subsite structures, today’s intranets favor multiple site collections with a single root site. Modern site structures provide numerous benefits that support online collaboration, Zoom meetings, and other modern working styles.

Revisiting Content and Metadata Types

Every company works with different types of documents. Those using SharePoint as an intranet platform know how important it is to associate content types and managed metadata with certain document types. However, most companies rarely update them. When performing a pre-migration assessment, check with the governance committee to verify the content types’ status.

Collaborating Differently

Just a few years ago, workplace collaboration was in its early infancy. Companies everywhere regarded template-based customized team sites as a big achievement. While these sites had their benefits, they aren’t very effective in the connected workplaces of today.

New and tech-savvy employees expect intuitive, ready-to-use solutions and the biggest names in tech invest in this area in hopes of attracting top talent. While not all organizations can afford to make these investments, they should still strive to increase collaboration. SharePoint Online allows companies to build collaboration environments that are tailored to teams’ needs, which improves productivity and reduces context switching.

The events of the past year and a half have shown the importance of a connected, flexible, and adaptable workplace. The strength of corporate intranets has become a primary factor in ensuring the openness and security of modern workspaces. With the right SharePoint migration tools, a company’s move from on-premise to online solutions will be a seamless one.

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