Discusses Where to Find Great Book Recommendations Discusses Where to Find Great Book Recommendations

Summer is here, and many people find they have free time. This allows them to catch up on things they may have missed during the winter months or when they were running their children to various school and extracurricular activities. Now is a great time to read new books and refresh one’s mind. How should one go about finding great books that one will enjoy and want to share with others? 

The Internet

The internet provides a wealth of sites that offer book recommendations. However, knowing which sites will meet one’s needs takes some trial and error. Don’t give up. Spend some time browsing these sites to see what they offer and whether they offer books that may be of interest to one. For example, head over to Likewise and browse this site. Here, one can find one’s next favorite book, movie, podcast, and more. Many people find it is the first place they head when they need entertainment, as they know they can find every type of entertainment here. 


Bookstores serve as another great resource when one wants to find a new book to read. Staff members spend countless hours reading books and talking to customers about their favorite reads. They are happy to share this information with patrons, as they want every person to find a great book they will enjoy. Don’t hesitate to talk with other customers while in a bookstore. People often love to share their opinion and will tell one about books they enjoyed and those they didn’t like, along with their reasons. Of course, one can browse the store and see what books are featured or pull some off the shelves to learn what they are about. Bookstores encourage this type of behavior. 


According to, some people hesitate to spend money on books because they fear this money will be wasted if they don’t like what they picked. Libraries allow them to check out books and see what they think without taking this step. As with bookstores, individuals who work in libraries typically spend a lot of their free time reading and can make recommendations on various books and genres. one may even choose to join a book club or other gathering the library is hosting to learn about new books and authors. While there, check out movies and other options they offer for entertainment, as many libraries have branched out and offer other media options today. 

Friends and Family

Ask friends and family if they have summer book recommendations 2021. One benefit of doing so is they may provide one with a great book at no charge. If they do, be sure to return it when one is done. This allows them to share it with others who may love it as well. Don’t hesitate to share one’s favorite books with them, so they can get enjoyment from them too. 

Books serve as a great way to spend time at the beach, pool, or in one’s own backyard when the weather is nice. Take the time to learn about new authors, genres, and more. one may find one has some new favorites when one does. 

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