Recent Research and Development Results of Y-Warm are Exhibited in CIFTIS 2021

China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) is the first state-level, international and comprehensive platform. This year, CIFTIS will be held in China National Convention Center, Beijing from September 2nd to 7th. More than 100 forums will take place to share business opportunities, connect demand and supply and promote development in ca. 130,000 m2 exhibition hall.


The Exhibition contains two types: comprehensive exhibition and thematic exhibition. Beijing Matrix Technologies Co., Ltd. will exhibit their latest product in the 7th Sports Services Thematic Exhibition, i.e., International Service Trade in Sports.

The theme for the Sports Services Thematic Exhibition of CIFTIS is “More Sports, Better Life”. The International Service Trade in Sports, which highlights in the fast response to the new needs of the era, the close companion with new hotspots of sports, the initiation of new integration directions for cross-industry, and the promotion of cutting-edge new technologies, will be held in a combination of online and offline. The release of new products, which is one the most important activities in CIFTIS, is as well the preferred platform for international enterprises and technological innovation unicorns to release new technologies and new products.

It is reported that Beijing Matrix Technologies Co., Ltd. will release its latest project Y-Warm: The Nano closed-cell technology and its application. According to the CTO of Beijing Matrix Technologies Co., Ltd. Feipeng Zhong, the project of Y-Warm was launched in 2013. They achieved the success in R&D in 2017 and mass production in 2019. Since 2021, Y-Warm has been released in the market. We are looking forward to embracing the revolutionary change from this soft insulation material.


According to CTO Feipeng Zhong, Y-Warm is a new material with excellent thermal insulation and mechanical performance. The thickness of wall is 20-180 nm, and the pore size is 30-190 μm. The closed-cell rate of Y-Warm is above 95% and the effective porosity is above 96%. The thermal isolation performance of Y-Warm excels cashmere, which decreases the thickness of winter clothing by 80% and increases the warm-keeping effect by 5 times. Equipment for sports has a huge demand for a material combined with excellent thermal insulation and other necessary features, such as Y-Warm. It is foreseeable that the equipment applied with Y-Warm would improve the performance. In addition, Y-Warm is ECO-friendly and energy-saving. It can be applied at the temperature range of -50 – 150 ℃ in multiple fields, such as clothing, food, housing and transportation.

CIFTIS serves as an excellent platform and attracts the participation of technological innovation companies. Meanwhile, the breakthrough performance of Y-Warm presented in CIFTIS fits the calling of high technology.

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