Holistically Oriented Therapist NYC Marks More Than Fifteen Years of Experience

NYC-based wellness psychotherapist offers individuals and couples techniques directed at living a more meaningful life. She now works with mid to large-sized businesses to implement webinars and workshops addressing mental health and stress management.

Wellness Psychotherapist NYC and Victoria Rivera are pleased to announce that she has reached a milestone of more than fifteen years of experience assisting couples and individuals who desire to achieve a more meaningful life. The therapist NYC professional psychotherapist, mindfulness-based meditation instructor, and nutritional health coach is now working with large and medium-sized businesses with many employees. Her purpose is to implement webinars and workshops that promote overall well-being and stress management techniques in the workplace. She assists employees in understanding how to manage daily routines in a less stressful way, resulting in creating a more healthy work environment. 

Couples therapy NYC provides a venue where couples can discuss issues in an environment that steers clear of negative interactive patterns. The therapist helps couples learn how these negative patterns occur and how the pair can take steps to change the pattern. She guides the couple to understand the strengths and weaknesses which each individual brings to the relationship. The goal is to assist both people to become better communicators. They can then work together to solve problems. 

Further details can be seen at https://wellnesspsychotherapistnyc.com/

Victoria Rivera says, “I operate with the goal of helping people to help themselves. I am a specialist in mindfulness therapy and am also certified in functional nutritional health coaching. My practice addresses individuals, couples, and businesses with a range of techniques and therapies.”

Using a holistic approach to therapy, Rivera incorporates nine dimensions of wellness into the treatment plan. The plan addresses physical, spiritual, intellectual, financial and service, and emotional, social, occupational and environmental wellness dimensions. The therapeutic measures are directed toward areas where the individual is experiencing suffering, grief, anxiety, or stress. Some of the areas of concentration include thinking disorders, relationship issues, and anxiety. 

The practice is built on a therapeutic process that emphasizes self-healing. Together, the therapist and patient encourage and build on the strengths already present. Individuals are helped to become aware of these inner strengths, to energize, and to improve health. 

About the Center: 

Wellness Psychotherapist NYC has fifteen years of experience. Her areas of specialty include nutrition coaching, mindfulness meditation and holistic psychotherapy. She works with businesses, couples, and individuals.

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