How Chefs Like Cedric Okiorina Are Innovating Home Cooking Trends Amid COVID-19

How Chefs Like Cedric Okiorina Are Innovating Home Cooking Trends Amid COVID-19

“Cedric Okiorina on his home cooking”
Many people are taking up cooking at home during the pandemic, have you?

SINGAPORE – 23 JULY, 2021 – As the COVID-19 pandemic presses on unrelentingly, more people in Singapore and the rest of the world have settled into new lifestyle routines that involve not just working but also cooking at home. In Asia alone, the average number of meals cooked at home increased from 6.8 to 7.3 between 2018 to 2019.

There are many reasons for the growth of home cooking trends in the current pandemic period. For instance, consumers now feel unsafe eating from restaurants, and the prevalent lockdowns have left many eateries intermittently closed since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

Consumers who work at home no longer stop at their favourite dine-ins for coffee or breakfast on their commute as they used to before the pandemic. Neither are they visiting the lunch spots near their offices now that they are working from home. On the plus side, many are also discovering the nutritional and economical value of home-prepared meals.

Prior to the pandemic, most people were cooking less due to the convenience of getting ready-made meals in restaurants. Now that they are stuck at home, consumers are now exploring new recipes, homemade gourmets, and flavours.

A New Generation Of Home Cooks

Like many other home cooks, Chef Cedric Okiorina is now sharing his popular international recipes online with a large proportion of the global population working at home due to coronavirus restrictions.

Chef Cedric Okiorina is one of the leading home cooks in Singapore who explores and experiments with different flavours. “I’m a strong believer in good food as it’s one of the aspects of living a good life,” he shares. “Being able to whip up my favourites at home during this period is incredibly important to me, and I hope to inspire others to explore their hidden culinary talents with my recipes.”

Chef Cedric Okiorina experiments with a wide range of recipes including time tested classics and modern international cuisines including Asian, Middle Eastern, European, and American cuisines. Many of his recipes are also inclusive, catering to dietary requirements such as halal-certified, vegan-friendly, healthy, and keto.

He also shares unique recipes for his special blend of popular delicacies such as Tempeh BLAT sandwich, Lebanese Mujadara, Keto butter chicken, healthy Burrito bowl, clam chowder, chicken biryani, and many more.

With home prep meals becoming a feature of the new normal, the world can look forward to more home grown chefs like Cedric Okiorina taking centre stage to deliver fresh recipes that redefine the culture of cooking.

About Chef Cedric Okiorina

As an avid traveller and food enthusiast, Chef Cedric Okiorina has travelled the world in his pursuit of gaining more knowledge about culinary perfection. His journeys across the globe have left an indelible mark on his cooking skills and knowledge.

Travel and life have provided him with an opportunity to explore fascinating sights and experiment with different flavours from different culinary hotspots in the world. He has explored and experienced different cuisines from different cultures to not only improve his craft but appreciate the differences that unite communities.

More importantly, he has transformed the myriad of flavours and influences from his travels into the unique dishes and recipes published on his blog.

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