DJ Shuvro Has Become A Familiar Face In The Whole Of Bangladesh With His Remix Songs

“DJ Shuvro” is a familiar name to the young generation of Bangladesh. When any remix song comes to mind, his name comes first. Although his real name is Shakil Ahmed Shuvro, he is better known as DJ Shuvro.

DJ Shuvro was born on March 3, 1993 in Jamalpur district. Starting from 2011 till now, his name is in the list of top musicians of Bangladesh.

Although the world of music started with playing live DJs, he didn’t just stop at live DJs. Slowly he started making original music. Starting with a computer and a few instruments, now he has his own home studio from where he releases around 3-4 songs per month. In addition to the original song, there is also a remix song. In the meantime, several hit songs have created a stir in the net world, including “Chander Batti”, “Trancy Cyclone”, “White Room”.

Moreover, more than 50 remix songs composed by DJ Shuvro were played at the maximum party in Bangladesh. In his 10 years of music life, he has worked with many famous Bangladeshi musicians, DJ Rahat, Parvez Sazzad, Nishan Zaman are among them. He thinks it is very challenging and difficult to make music successfully in a developing country like Bangladesh.

DJ Shuvro said addressing newcomer musicians, “Those of you who want to take up music as a profession, that’s fine. But do something side by side. Maybe both music and the future will be bright. Not with only one.”

Asked about the loss of musicians in Covid-19, he said he was very upset. The music industry in Bangladesh has lagged behind in the last two years. Many have left this music and moved to another profession. Even then, those who are in this profession, they love music. Creating the attention of the government, he said, “Our Hon’ble Prime Minister, please take a serious look at our artists & the music industry, otherwise, it will be tough  to continue our music,” – DJ Shuvro (Shakil Ahmed Shuvro), Musical artist, DJ and Remixer

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