Baltic Birchwood Flooring is Quickly Gaining Popularity for its Cost-Effectiveness

It is apparent in most homes now that hardwood flooring is popular.  There is a great deal of many types of hardwood in use.  Over the years, the types of hardwood flooring and styles have increased dramatically worldwide.  Hardwood flooring is resilient, and stunning in its beauty, adding much value to any property.  Baltic Birch Flooring is now seeing the popularity and the cost can be worth it.

The problem for most property owners whether residential or commercial is the cost of solid hardwood flooring.  This hesitancy to install it is especially a factor if many rooms are to be done.  This is where Baltic Birchwood Flooring comes into play.  This type of flooring is a type of plywood, but is striking also in appearance, and also can be as resilient and long-lasting as solid hardwood. 

The costs, however, can be less than the solid hardwood.  Baltic Birchwood is a layered type of plywood flooring making it extremely sturdy.  The underlayers are glued together fastidiously to ensure durability, using screws and glues especially effective with Baltic Birch Flooring. 

Not all companies can provide the knowledge and experience needed to provide and understand the standards needed.  Underlayers must be considered and attention to detail in the layering process is imperative as underlay provides durability.

Three Trees Flooring of Toronto is a top retailer of all types of hardwood flooring and provides the very best in plywood flooring, and solid hardwood.  Three Trees is more than happy to answer all consumer questions regarding Baltic Birch, its costs, and its comparisons to other floorings.

The quality and installation of Baltic Birch will increase the years of enjoyment.  Three Trees Flooring provides the best in quality Baltic Birch Flooring and can explain the process of installation in exact detail.  Not only does the proper layering and installation materials count, but the type of stain chosen to seal the flooring also can play a part in the longevity of Baltic Birch.

As one customer commented, “I wanted to install solid hardwood throughout my home but after one consultation with Three Trees Flooring I choose Baltic Birch plywood as Three Trees provided quality plies, and since I was doing the installation myself, they also provided expert advice on the materials necessary, as well as how to effectively install the underlayers.  This saved me a ton of money and even the staining of the birch plywood was explained in detail.  I came away not only saving money but with a lot of confidence in them, and their products.  In addition, I felt more confident in my ability to install this!’

Three Trees Flooring has many retailers on hand throughout Toronto and the GTA, who are there to assist in the choice of flooring which will serve customers well.  Baltic Birch Flooring is especially favored by Three Trees Flooring because of its durability.  However, the choice of retailer is imperative as cheap plies can be uneven and hard to install.  The quality of Baltic Birch plies is something that Three Trees Flooring considers in their purchase of plies.

About Three Trees Flooring

A premier provider of hardwood and plywood flooring, this company has many retail locations throughout Toronto and the GTA.  The choice of Baltic Birch Flooring that they offer is based on the quality of the plies and the location where the plies are manufactured, as cheaper plies can be inconsistent in length, width, and thickness.  There is a blog and a gallery on the website for information on all types of flooring as well as installation tips and tricks.  A form exists for quick contact and a phone number.  The costs of Baltic Birch can be discussed at length.  Three Trees Flooring does consider Baltic Birch worth the price if quality plywood is chosen. 

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