How post-COVID office life is changing for the better – for both employees and business owners

Cowork Lakewood Ranch is Helping Local Businesses Transition to Hybrid Workspaces.

As business shifted virtually during the pandemic, workers around the world transformed their homes into their offices. One of the biggest concerns was whether working from the comfort of home would affect business productivity but that uncertainty was largely debunked. Many offices are now reopened, welcoming back their employees with new safety measures and protocols, while others have decided to continue working from home. How do businesses adapt to this change? Creating and implementing a hybrid workspace.

According to a statistic from WeWork, 75% of employees stated that they would rather give up one work benefit or perk to have the freedom to choose their work environment. But how do business owners find the perfect balance between offering an engaging workplace and appealing to employees’ desire for flexibility? The answer can be found in a hybrid workspace. These spaces would allow for employees to have desks or offices, flexible conference rooms for team meetings and more. Adaptability is key to meet the needs of employees and businesses, without being limited by the traditional office or in-person meeting expectations.

Another positive of the hybrid workspace is that employees are “given back” time and money by reducing commute time from their home to the office five times a week. Perhaps they visit the hybrid workspace only two or three days per week. Businesses are able to reduce fixed costs in areas of building leases, internet and utilities. Transitioning an office into a hybrid workspace is not only financially friendly, but conveys a company’s conscience of satisfying employee preferences. Finally, considering the workforce of the future will largely be comprised of Gen-Zers, appealing to their expectations of office culture will be essential to success. Hybrid spaces with updated aesthetics, convenience and innovative workspace solutions are sure to attract and retain a happy and productive Gen-Z employee. Going ‘hybrid’ provides multiple benefits, which include reducing stress, investing in a healthier work-life balance, and cost-effectiveness.

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Founded in 2016, Cowork LWR is a collaborative and innovative environment with workspaces where companies can grow together. Cowork LWR has engineered its spaces to be dynamic environments for creativity, focus, and collaboration. In addition to a workspace, Cowork LWR offers virtual office services, conference rooms, and a podcast studio. Cowork LWR strives to create a harmonious work community paired with state-of-the-art appliances so we can all look forward to Monday if we find real meaning in what we do.

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