Healthy Kidney Inc. Simplifies Healthy Kidney Diets With Brand-New YouTube Videos

Healthy Kidney Inc. Simplifies Healthy Kidney Diets With Brand-New YouTube Videos
Naturopath and nutrition expert who’s personally dealt with all stages of chronic kidney disease makes kidney health a priority for informative new YouTube channel

Wood-Ridge, NJ – July 23, 2021 – Healthy Kidney Inc., the kidney health information hub founded by kidney disease sufferer and naturopath, Robert Galarowicz, is promoting their educational and informative YouTube channel. Having amassed millions of views and thousands of subscribers, the Healthy Kidney Inc. YouTube channel is a one-stop, all-points destination for kidney health sufferers to stay informed and take control of their kidney health journey.

Vital Videos For Supporting Kidney Health

With over 200 videos and countless hours of free content, viewers are enriched by information that is not only relevant to their situations, but which has also been carefully vetted by one of the foremost Naturopaths on the East Coast, who, himself contended against chronic kidney issues for most of his life.

Equipped with this firsthand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, the natural approaches and diet tips highlighted in Healthy Kidney Inc.’s YouTube videos have been life-changing for many people. Several of these videos harken back to the importance of diet and nutrition in maintaining normal kidney function. These have been some of the channel’s most successful videos.

This 1 Food May Reverse Diabetic Kidney Disease Damage | Diabetic Kidney Disease Treatment Option

Diabetic Kidney Disease is widespread in the United States, and between balancing protein, phosphorus, potassium and blood glucose levels, maintaining a healthy diet is difficult for most diabetic kidney disease sufferers. Highlighting the vital compounds inherent in cruciferous vegetables that could potentially mitigate some of the damage done to the kidneys by diabetes, Robert informs viewers about which specific vegetable offers the most abundant supply of these beneficial components.

A Great Kidney Patient Food For Any Kidney Disease | Kidney Patient Food Diet

In this video, Robert showcases the benefits of fiber and the great need of kidney health sufferers to incorporate fiber from a nutritious source that doesn’t exacerbate the burden on the kidneys.

Which Tea Is Good For Kidney Disease? Herbal Tea For Kidney Health That You Should Start Drinking Now

Healthy Kidney Inc. provides comprehensive information about diet, from food to beverages. In this video, Robert delves into the wide variety of teas that scientifically-backed studies have shown may benefit the kidneys.

Milk And Kidney Disease. What Damages The Kidney Less? Rice, Soy, Plant-based, Coconut, or Oat Milk?

In this video, Robert discusses different milk and milk-like beverage options for those living with CKD. He goes on to explain the differences, pros and cons of each making for a very informative video.

Apples and Kidney Disease in a Kidney Diet. Apple Juice, Apple Pie Include in A Kidney Diet or Not?

This video highlights the effects of this popular fruit on the kidneys and why it requires extra consideration.

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