Nolan Harris has Become a Global Sensation in the World of Pro-Wrestling Fan Art

Nolan Harris has Become a Global Sensation in the World of Pro-Wrestling Fan Art

July 23, 2021 – Renowned professional wrestling art illustrator and founder of The Art of Nolanium, Nolan Harris has proudly announced that he is welcoming wrestling fans from around the world to join his Patreon and become a part of the growing family, while also getting amazing tutorials from the artist himself. The licensed wrestling illustrator is currently working with some of the industry giants including Topps, 500 Level, BT Sport, ChalkLine, RSVLTS, Rock ‘Em, UFC, NCAA, NFL, and WWE. Professional wrestling is loved and watched by the millions worldwide, and the artist is making historic contributions to this multi-billion dollar industry through his legendary artwork.

Nolan Harris’s wrestling fan art created a stir on social media over 6 years ago when multiple professional wrestlers shared his art with their worldwide audience. Followed by this life-changing event, he became a worldwide sensation with his career along with his fan following skyrocketing. With industry giants like WWE, UFC, NCAA, and NFL behind the artist, he has truly established himself as a leading art illustrator for sports entertainment and professional wrestling. Ever since he became a global sensation in pro-wrestling fan art, Nolan has worked harder than before and has only solidified his reputation and standing in the industry. This is exactly why the likes of WWE and NFL love to work with him, especially for their merchandise.

“I specialize in creating digital pop-culture art, and my licensed wrestling illustrations have been seen worldwide on ChalkLine jackets, the Topps Digital App, and 500 Level t-shirts.” Said Nolan Harris, while talking about his contributions to the art of wrestling illustrations. “Over the past few years, my amazing followers on Instagram have been begging for more tutorial content, which led me to Patreon.” He added. According to Nolan, he is determined to help aspiring artists follow in his footsteps, which is why he has always encouraged emerging talent to learn from his tutorials and turn their passion into a profession.

In addition, Nolan has a unique comic-inspired style, which has served as inspiration for fan artists worldwide as the ultimate success story. The artist believes that with enough hard work, dreams can become reality. For his contributors on Patreon, he is offering exclusive access to tutorials, an early look at illustrations, bonus sketches, exclusive merch/prints, and “Patreon only” contests. In his personal life, Nolan is a proud father and a loving husband, and he loves to spend his free time with his family. In a nutshell, Nolan Harris is emerging as a name synonymous with professional wrestling digital fan art.

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