Modern Bathroom Faucet – Tips for Bathroom Faucet Selection from WaterSong

Founded in 2020, WaterSong is a dynamic brand with over 30 years of expertise in faucet production. Although WaterSong has not been established for a long time, the brand has achieved a high reputation in a very short time. WaterSong is favored by users for its superb technology, advanced craftsmanship and perfect after-sales service.

Not only that, WaterSong is also committed to implementing environmental protection concepts into every product. The two products are launched today, black bathroom sink faucet that incorporates the beauty of nature into the shape of the faucet, evokes people’s love for nature. Another gold bathroom faucet contains a soft aerator, which is designed to save water. Customers can feel the charm of the brand in the process of using products.

The faucet in the bathroom is used very frequently in everyone’s daily life. So how to choose a bathroom faucet? This article introduces WaterSong‘s bathroom faucets from the perspective of faucet selection.

1. Material Selection: This WaterSong bathroom sink faucet has a high-quality ceramic valve core. After many tests, this WaterSong faucet is durable and does not leak, which solves the most troublesome leakage problem of the faucet.

2. Lead-free: Customers should consider the issue of water health. WaterSong bathroom faucets provide high-quality bathroom faucets certified by CUPC NSF-61, which are 100% lead-free.

3. Beautiful and Design Sense: A unique shape of the faucet can make user’s bathroom become completely new. The combination of this WaterSong faucet and natural art allows customers to feel the charm of nature in daily life.

Not only does WaterSong have a unique black waterfall model, but also WaterSong launched a new product – golden bathroom faucet. This bathroom faucet satisfies the three-hole plate and has the characteristics of luster and is full of nobility.

1. Multi-layer Plating Technology & Gold Finish: This multi-layer plating is not only bright on the surface, but also heat-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, and anti-rust.

2. Hot and Cold Double Handles: This bathroom sink faucet is suitable for three-hole basins. The hot and cold water outlets are independently switched so that customer can more accurately grasp the water temperature and open a comfortable water experience according to 2 handle bathroom faucet.

3. Matching Lift Rod and Drain Assembly: This bathroom sink faucet provides complete equipment. Users only need to press the lever on the back to achieve drainage, without touching the uncomfortable sewage.


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