Starlene Bey Releases New Single “Feelin’ Blah’Zey”

Philadelphia, PA, USA – July 26, 2021 – On August 8, 2021 Starlene Bey’s New Single Debut of “Feelin’ Blah’Zey” will be Released on her “Classy And Soulful” Album. The song is a heartfelt Jazzy Funk tune written and arranged by Starlene and Produced by world renowned Musician, Musical Director, Arranger & Producer Mr. Johnnie Crooms. Starlene and Johnnie have played together extensively on stage. However, this is their first original collaboration. The lyrics, rhythm and vibe of the song lends to a very real Neo-Soul feel.

Mr. Crooms musical background began with the drums, then guitar and piano. Johnnie is a master in the studio. He’s toured as musical director with Boyz 2 Men and played with Patti LaBelle, Grover, Stephanie Mills, Jeffrey Osborne, Chaka Kahn and so many more… The numerous awards shows he’s been part of prepared him for the role of Producer. He & Bill Jolly played the Emmy Awards, MTV Video Awards, The Billboard Awards and several TV shows including Letterman, Arsenio Hall and The Tonight Show. Johnnie is mentored by the great music industry accomplished composer Mr. Benjamin Wright. Mr. Crooms brings an acute ear, eclectic skill set and a brilliant history of experience to this project. Together he and Starlene have created something special in the music that is catchy, pleasing to the ear and taps into the soul. (

Starlene Bey, known as the “Lady of Soul” delivers an amazingly passionate rendition of her soon to be classic song “Feelin’ Blah’Zey.” She composed it during the Covid lockdown inspired by the heavens. The song captures the very real relationship woes so many experienced. Miss Bey’s passion and empathy for people is what makes her lyrical ability inspiring. She is excited to bring to life her discography of songs. “Feelin’ Blah’Zey” is just one of Starlene’s musical creations “So Many Nights” written by Tony TNT Jones and “I Love You” is next to be released in the Fall of 2021. (

Miss Bey is already getting traction and increasing attention to her project with the numerous interviews on social media, live & virtual shows in New York, Philly and New Jersey. She interviewed with Zondra TV, The Angel & Tina Show, The DHJ Indie Show, Philly Hott Radio, and The Know BS Duo Show Podcast. Inspired to keep the music alive during the pandemic, Starlene started her own virtual show at the Bey Caf called Soulful Sunday Music. It was created to ease the tensions people were feeling. She also participated in “Musicians Lives Matter Concert,” “Keeping Live Entertainment On Stage,” “Wake Up Rise Up” World Concert against violence and “One Dream One Cause” get out the vote campaign to help bring awareness. Starlene is a Pancreatic Cancer Advocate and a member of the Phila. Juneteenth Family. Miss Bey is a very passionate woman who cares. All of that is present in her music. Her powerful vocals pierces your heart as she brings you in to experience the story she’s sharing. Starlene is a Classy Sassy Entertainer who engages her audience from the moment she steps on stage. She is a soulful singer of old. However, Singing is not what she does, it’s who she is. (

October 2019 the legendary Norman Connors Produced Starlene’s “Classy And Soulful” EP a New York, Philly collab that is still going strong and available on all music streams. It’s tattered with amazing musicians Patience Higgins, John Smith, John Di Martino, Bill Jolly, Tony TnT Jones, Adam Faulk, Brett Jolly, Benny Barksdale, Jason Patterson, Michael Rory, Chris Odom, Calvin Westin, Rick Tate, Herb Smith and Johnnie Crooms all coordinated by Norman, Tony and Roz Nixon Entertainment.

Miss Bey has more concert dates, news articles and radio interviews pending confirmation. (

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