NYC Fine Art Photographer Chloe Pitterson Portrays Human Nature and Psychology Through Her Impressive Photography Collection

The NYC artist personifies feelings and expressions through creative art

New York City, NY – July 26, 2021 – Imminent NYC fine art photographer Chloe Pitterson launches her collection of photographs that subtly depict the depths of human emotion and psyche. The NYC artist bases her work on self-studies conducted in the fields of philosophy, spirituality, and self-growth.

Chloe Pitterson’s fine art collection comprises over ten series that illustrate a different aspect of her understanding of personal growth and life experiences that she gained through observation and self-studies. The NYC artist believes that “when the subject awakens to the ownership and power they have within them, they become their highest potential.” Her journey as a fine art photographer has helped her immensely in the areas of self-improvement and self-realization. Apart from being a creative outlet for her thoughts, the art has also heightened Chloe’s spirituality and enabled her to experience intense spiritual growth. Undoubtedly, photography has become her medium to express herself and share her beliefs and opinions with the world.

All creations by the her are pregnant with meaning and layered with definitions and stories. The figurative artwork urges the viewers to engage in deeper inner conversations on their life choices, ancestry, experiences and feelings. They also invite the audience to acknowledge and honor history while creating a better future based on the lessons learned from the past. It teaches the importance of understanding human emotions and experiences without being overwhelmed by them and channelling positive traits to grow beyond expectations by continuously pushing the limits. The modern themes of the masterpieces make them a trendy addition to any art gallery, office space or residence.  Each piece of art in the fine art collection is a museum quality Signed/Numbered Limited Edition Print, which holds a Certificate of Authenticity.

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