Atoshi CEO Mr. Liao visited Mr. Cao Dewang of Fuyao Group

On July 22, Atoshi CEO Liao Wang visited Mr. Cao Dewang, billionaire and the founder of Fuyao Glass Group, and learned from him how to operate the company.

Atoshi CEO Mr. Liao and Mr. Cao Dewang

Mr. Liao visited Mr. Cao Dewang. “What kind of excellent qualities can achieve great success like yours? How to make the enterprise bigger and stronger like you?”Mr.Liao asked.

Mr. Cao mentioned the first point, the most important thing is merit. We should do our best to repay the society, instead of always thinking about how much money we make. Since his success, Mr. Cao Dewang has been actively involved in philanthropy, and has never stopped his own pace, with a cumulative donation of over 14 billion. Just after the visits, he directly donated 100 million yuan to help the flood in Henan Province. Mr. Cao Dewang has been ranked No. 1 in the Hurun Charity Rankings for many years.

Atoshi CEO Mr. Liao and Mr. Cao Dewang

Atoshi CEO Mr. Liao is also very helpful and caring for employees.

One employee of atoshi has to resign because she is unable to work full-time because she has to take care of her seriously illed mother. Her mother needs to spend a lot of money to treat illnesses, and Mr. Liao can not let her go helpless without income. Mr Liao specially approved this employee 15 days each month to take care of her mother and working in home. Set higher commissions and bonuses for that employeee, so she can have more income to take care of her mother. There is an old Chinese saying “Piety is the foundation of all virtues.” Mr. Liao believes that such excellent employee should be encouraged and retained. At the same time, Mr. Liao comforted the employee that if her mother’s illness treatment need a lots of money, Mr. Liao is ready to help.

One employee’s father needed a lot of money for surgery which his family can not afford. Mr. Liao generously supported them. The employees are also very grateful to Mr. Liao, so they work harder in the company. Mr. Liao also actively devotes himself to public welfare undertakings and established the “Liao Wang Education Fund” to help more people in need.

Mr. Liao trying the most advanced projection windshield of Fuyao Group

The second point mentioned by Mr. Cao is focus on long term. If an entrepreneur focuses on making money, there is no way to do things well. Just like glass, we need to have better products. We must make long-term money instead of just looking at short-term benefits. Mr. Liao destroyed 6,000 ATOSHI watches with defects. It is a big loss for company but in order for better branding and customer trust, Mr. Liao can not allow such watch to be sold on markets. “We have to destroy the watches even though it is a big loss.” Mr. Liao said.

ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang try button-adjustable brightness glass of Fuyao Factory

From start empty-handed to a successful entrepreneur with an annual profit of 4 billion after tax, Mr. Cao Dewang has his own persistence. He has always believed that entrepreneurs have three responsibilities: the country is strong because of you, and the society is improved because of you. The people are rich because of you. Only by accomplishing these three points can we be worthy of the title of entrepreneur.

During this conversation, Mr. Liao had a deep understanding and agreed with Mr. Cao. Before leaving, Mr. Liao told Mr. Cao that he wanted to be as successful as him.

Mr Liao with Mr. Cao’s Assistant&Dirctor of Promotion Liu Kun

Mr. Liao also communicated with Liu Kun, Assistant of Mr. Cao Dewang and Director of the Propaganda Department of Fuyao Group. He learned that Mr. Cao gets up at 6 o’clock every morning and only takes five minutes to eat. He strictly requires himself in both work and life. Efficiency, put all his thoughts on his own work.

After meeting with Mr. Cao Dewang, ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang also met with Mr. Ji Keliang, the former chairman of Moutai Group and now the honorary chairman of the company. Mr. Ji said that quality control is the most fundamental endogenous driving force. To make traditional Chinese liquor, we must adhere to the craftsmanship and have a sense of awe.

ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang talks with Mr. Ji Keliang (Board Director of Maotai Group)

By making a piece of car glass, Cao Dewang has become an icon in China. Mr. Ji Keliang has devoted his life to Maotai, now Maotai is the most valued Chinese wine. ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang has the world in mind, has a long-term plan, and is full of energy. Atoshi is on the way to empower the world!

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