Antonio Moorman Engendering Sense Of Community Through His Grassroots Initiatives

Antonio Moorman Engendering Sense Of Community Through His Grassroots Initiatives

Antonio Moorman is the founder and Chief Executive of TCA Entertainment, a successful artist management and marketing agency. Moorman is a persistent community-minded leader who is much more than just music or entertainment. He is a navy veteran and a role model who believes in the community to help it be safe and cause it to thrive. Associates and employees have described Moorman as the perfect boss to have because he is willing to run through the wall for anyone or any cause he believes in, and that itself is inspiring. 

Moorman leads a non-profit organization called “Musically Improving Connections,” popularly known as M.I.C. Foundation. He works alongside his team, improving connections across the country through various self-funded community initiatives. One of the initiatives created and sponsored by Moorman is Lovejoy Georgia’s “Light Up Lovejoy.” In this grassroots initiative, homeowners are asked to turn on their outdoor lights every night to make sure the neighborhood is well-lit to deter petty crimes from taking place in the area. According to residents, Antonio Moorman’s efforts to keep the city safe have been a breath of fresh air.

Moorman is committed to making Lovejoy the best place to work and live in the southside of Atlanta; to this end, he is pushing the “Take Charge Always” mantra through TCA entertainment as he continues to exemplify the message of living together in a community. According to Moorman, “a community that plays together, stays together,” and to push the TCA initiative to the height it belongs to, Moorman is self-sponsoring a series of community appreciation days, complete with free food, drinks, games, and activities. These events provide a place where residents can come together and get to know one another in a relaxed community environment. Of course, music is also a part of the activities, with a live DJ at each event.  

Moorman is not in competition with anybody or any organization, noting that “doing good” is not limited to one person. However, his ability to be a community leader, and at the same time, run a successful business venture separates him from many of his peers, especially the fact that he is willing to self-fund his various initiatives and programs. He attributes his motivation to his ability to help others and “placing myself in a position where I can lend a helping hand to those who need it.”

And when asked where he sees himself in five years, he said, “I see myself as the Mayor of my city. I see myself in a position where I can aid the community into a better future, one where I can help the community by giving jobs to those in need of one. I see myself being that role model for the youth, someone they can look up to for guidance.”

Moorman is committed to pushing and upholding the essence of community and living together as one, with his target audience being the people of Atlanta, GA, Hampton, GA, and the surrounding areas. Those who are looking to help the community and work together to better it.

To learn more about Moorman and to support his initiatives, visit his website.

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