Grey Digital & Capital Co. Introduces The Aspect Spectrum Marketing & Business Bootcamp

Leading providers of entrepreneurial resources, Grey Digital & Capital Co., launches the Aspect Spectrum Marketing & Business Bootcamp (ASMBB) to teach business owners how to scale responsibly

Las Vegas native and successful entrepreneur, Logan “L.J.” Barnum, has taken his pursuit of developing the next generation of responsible adults a notch higher with the introduction of the new Aspect Spectrum Marketing & Business Bootcamp (ASMBB). The 10-week course is designed to teach participants how to scale their business responsibly by delivering effective mindset and leadership resources to aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs across different industries. 

“It is our hope that we are able to do our part to fulfill our mission and to have others continue in the name of our mission for generations to come, we are beyond excited to offer this program and hope you get as much out of it as was put in,” said Logan “L.J.” Barnum. 

The entrepreneurial space has continued to expand over the years. In a related development, the business environment has become increasingly competitive in recent times, requiring entrepreneurs to stand out by bringing their employees into the process. Leadership, which is an extremely important aspect of any business, is often overlooked. Studies have revealed that the quality of leadership is responsible for over 70% of resignations. Unfortunately, many of the available resources have not effectively addressed the needs of budding businesses, which is where Logan Barnum and the team at Grey Digital & Capital Co. is looking to make a difference with ASMBB. 

Logan looks to share his years of experience in the business world with participants through the 100% action-based guarantee, helping them to create a “free leadership system” that attracts and retains top talents. The Aspect Spectrum Marketing and Business Bootcamp also looks at automation and its importance in today’s digital age with a 1-on-1 approach to help businesses to maintain large profit margins and relieve tedious repetitive tasks. Some of the subjects covered during the program include using aspect spectrum marketing, cash flow optimization, 2-way IV sales, leadership techniques, and automation. 

Grey Digital & Capital Co. also plans to register as a B-corporation, allowing more people to be a part of the campaign to build the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and leaders. 

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About Grey Digital & Capital Co. 

Grey Digital & Capital Co. was founded by Logan “L.J.” Barnum to provide second chances, encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs to be leaders, give back in all communities, and redefine the meaning of corporate responsibility. The goal is to make a positive impact in every community by being inclusive, innovative, and collaborative.

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