Eghosa Uwoghiren Of Eghtleg Investor Trading Partners With BDSwiss brokers

Computer Programming and FX trading expert, Eghosa Uwoghiren, announces the partnership of Eghtleg Investor Trading, his investment trading company, with BDSwiss brokers

Eghosa Uwoghiren is not resting on his oars of taking the investment and FX message to as many people as possible across the globe, starting from Africa, with the partnership between Eghtleg Investor Trading and BDSwiss brokers further substantiating this claim. Eghosa, an alumnus of Shaw Academy, where he obtained diplomas in Forex Trading and Leadership and Management, has dedicated his resources to advocating for youth empowerment as substantiated by his several initiatives. 

The global forex trading market has evolved over the years to become a multi-trillion-dollar industry. According to a recent report, the global 2021 forex market is put at $2,409,000,000 ($2.409 quadrillion) from the $1.934 quadrillion reported in 2016 by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), with over $6.6 trillion traded on foreign exchange markets daily on the average. Despite the amazing figures coming out of the FX market, millions of people worldwide still struggle to make consistent profits. However, Eghosa Uwoghiren and his team at Eghtleg Investor Trading are looking to change this narrative by partnering with major stakeholders in the industry. 

As an official partner of BDSwiss brokers, Eghtleg Investor Trading will be providing millions of people in different parts of the world with an amazing FX trading experience. Clients of the investment and trading company will enjoy competitive spreads, which have been identified as some of the lowest in the industry. They also get to trade a plethora of assets across different instruments with relative ease, with a wide range of trading tools and guides to help them make an informed decision and guarantee consistent profits. 

Services offered by the Eghtleg Investor Trading team as led by Eghosa Uwoghiren include investment advice on stocks to pick and investment decision, forex signal on different currency pairs, chart scanning, and technical and fundamental analysis. 

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