Priya Mehrotra, Founder of Take Charge Thrive International, Helps Women Achieve Career Success Without Stress

Through The Stress-Free Career Woman initiative, New York’s High Performance Coach creates solutions for women experiencing challenges in the workplace.

Throughout history, women have been plagued by stereotypes and gendered expectations in the workplace. They are usually not given the same opportunities, recognition, or remuneration as their male counterparts. Although more and more women are breaking these stereotypes – taking on jobs that used to be ‘exclusive’ for men – and proving themselves as great leaders, it cannot be denied that the corporate world is still very much male-dominated. And this is one of the biggest obstacles that hold women back from getting ahead.

According to McKinsey and LeanIn.Org., men hold 62% of manager positions compared to women’s 38%, with the disparity getting worse, higher up. Consequently, women have to go the extra mile to prove their worthiness in a position and still get paid less to do the same job. Even though more employees are working from home as a result of the pandemic, the same study showed that 75% of women still considered leaving their jobs due to burnout, while 25% wanted to downshift due to COVID. It was also found that 45% felt discouraged to speak up in virtual meetings, 36% felt pressured to work more, and 53% reported being stressed. Priya Mehrotra, an expert in career coaching for women, and advocate for equity, diversity & inclusion in the workplace, is changing this narrative through The Stress-Free Career Woman initiative.

Imagine gaining confidence and control over one’s career, having the right tools to handle challenges at work, getting heard, recognized, and promoted for one’s contributions, while eliminating work stress, and reclaiming time for fun and relaxation. These may seem far-fetched for now, but with the help of Priya Mehrotra, the career success strategist for women, all of these are possible.

Priya Mehrotra is a Canadian-born New Yorker and founder of Take Charge Thrive International, an organization committed to helping the next generation of women achieve career success without stress. As a Certified High Performance Coach for women, a success strategist and thought leader who specializes in workplace challenges and solutions for women in all industries, Priya shows women easy-to-implement yet effective ways of breaking the glass ceiling and challenging the status quo as professionals, through her Stress-Free Career Woman initiative.

Her years of experience on Wall Street and as a corporate executive in male-dominated industries in New York, motivated her to hack the corporate culture and become an advocate for equity, diversity & inclusion in the workplace. Having struggled and learned the ropes the hard way, Priya is passionate about helping ambitious women develop their long-term strategies for success, guiding them through overcoming workplace obstacles, and growing in their careers with relative ease – so that they can get ahead, and achieve their professional dreams, while enjoying work-life harmony, without the unnecessary stress.

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Take Charge Thrive International LLC is an organization committed to helping the next generation of women achieve career success without stress.

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