Advanced Men’s Development Trains Men How to Cultivate a Clear and Healthy Mind

The program reveals how a strong mindset can bring happiness and success.

When life does not work out the way a man wants, he can feel stuck with no obvious way out. He can experience depression, anxiety, uncontrollable emotions or limiting beliefs. Any possibility of a silver lining can be blocked by muddled thoughts plagued with ​fears, doubts, frustrations, insecurities and negativity. Amidst this sea of apprehension, Advanced Men’s Development (AMD) steps in to enlighten men who feel lost in their current life and teaches the importance of a strong mindset.

In 13 weeks, AMD will explain why men should strive to keep their minds clear and healthy — changing their lives in the process. The coaching program, which is led by Brendon Giebel, trains its members to build true and lasting confidence, release attachments from their past, start loving themselves and allow joy into their lives, implement the steps required to start succeeding as a man in this current world and many more.

Giebel is the founder of AMD. He is a men’s master-coach, therapist and master practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and hypnotherapy. He is also the creator of The AMDapp Experience.

“No man told us to speak truths, control or express our emotions, how to become a king and build a kingdom or anything in between — until now. I have discovered a proven-to-work systematic code that men live by daily to take control of their lives, achieve more, do more, be more and have more,” shared Giebel.

He authored the book, “The Modern Man’s Code: Live Your Life as a Superior Man,” where he shares a step-by-step guide for men who want to live life to the fullest with character, honor and integrity. It challenges men to fulfill their true purpose and to be authentically masculine — guiding them on a journey through an exact systematic process to a successful and spiritually complete way of living.

With “The Modern Man’s Code,” men will learn how to achieve success, balance and happiness in four key areas of their lives — physically, spiritually, with family and relationships, and career.

Giebel also offers Advanced Coaching & Therapy, where the coach uses his training in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, hypnotherapy and mindset and life coaching to work directly with the members to identify the problem and find solutions. Men who are determined to see a change in their lives will receive one-on-one coaching from Giebel as they work through the biggest things holding them back from living and creating the life they want.

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About Advanced Men’s Development

Advanced Men’s Development was founded by Brendon Giebel, a men’s master-coach, therapist and master practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and hypnotherapy.

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