Explains What One Should Know About HDMI ARC Explains What One Should Know About HDMI ARC

Those who have ever hooked up a television or viewing device likely have encountered HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) ports. There are multiple types of this kind of port. Many televisions now feature HDMI ARC ports. Those who are wondering what this port does should continue to read and look here

What Is an HDMI ARC?

What Is Audio Return Channel (ARC)? HDMI ARC makes it much easier to set up a television and a soundbar using only a single cable. Individuals may see this port labeled as ARC or eARC, depending on the brand and model of television. If a TV features this port, users will find this to be one of the best features for a home theater setup. An HDMI ARC will help individuals save money, simplify their home theater setup, and reduce cable clutter, making their setup look more attractive. 

When HDMI 1.4 televisions were introduced, this is when ARC protocols became available. An ARC protocol allows two-way communication between devices that are hooked up to the same HDMI cable. In its most basic of terms, an ARC protocol allows individuals to use an HDMI cord as both an input and output for audio. 

HDMI ARC Cuts Down on the Number of Cables

One of the biggest benefits of ARC protocols is the reduction of cables. Before its invention in 2009, home theater owners were often left with the daunting and annoying task of trying to conceal the massive number of cords that were needed to set up each component of their theater audio equipment. With ARC, this is no longer a problem.

The two-way sound flow that is offered by HDMI ARC, according to, has allowed individuals to do things that once required more than one cable. Streamlining the process of hooking up audio components has made installing a home theater much more attractive to many people. The following offers information on some of the things people can do using a cable like an HDMI ARC.

  • First of all, individuals can connect their soundbar to their television using a single cable. The designated ARC port can be used by every device that connects to the television. Individuals will not need a separate audio receiver. 

  • Also, connections can be run through the soundbar without any additional setup requirements. Many people find this especially useful when their televisions are wall-mounted and access to the ports is not granted easily. The ARC port makes installation a breeze. 

  • Individuals can also use ARC protocols with Consumer Electronics Control. This control allows users to control their external devices, such as Blu-ray players or satellite programming boxes, by using their television remote. No longer do individuals need multiple remotes to control all their devices. 

The invention of the HDMI ARC allows setting up sound equipment to be much easier. While it takes a couple of extra steps to get all the audio devices activated, most people feel it is well worth the effort. By determining which ports offer ARC support, individuals will be well on their way to getting their home theater system hooked up with ease.

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